Travel back in time with the Renaissance festival

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The Renaixement (Renaissance) festival is a magical event where you can relive the wonders of the culture of the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.

From June 16 to 18, the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes will provide the stage for this unique event that is celebrating its sixth edition this year.

What awaits you at Renaixement?

A meticulous selection of Renaissance music, poetry and cuisine that beckons you to travel back in time.

Enjoy three days of musical performances and top off this festival with "Dinner with the Borjas", a menu inspired by this mythical family served to the rhythm of period music, poetry and dance.

Buy your full ticket now or, if you prefer, check the detailed schedule and buy the ticket for the event you like the most.

Your choice!

Don't miss this opportunity to go back to the time when society broke with the medieval view of the world, and culture transitioned from monasteries to city streets.

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