24 Jan 2023

Valencia celebrates having been recognized, once again, as an innovative city, brimming with creativity and new ideas, and cradle of visionary professionals. Three of the 23 Spanish "changemakers" selected by the prestigious Forbes magazine for their ability to transform reality and lead society towards a better future came out of Valencia: Nuria Oliver, Juan García Sánchez and the start-up Sepiia.

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Plaza de la Reina Valencia

09 Nov 2022

Valencia never stops. The city is increasingly accessible and sustainable, and it improves its cultural and leisure activities year after year. That's why there are always new reasons to visit.


1.    Valencia celebrates the year of Sorolla


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Plaza Ayuntamiento Valencia

02 Dec 2022

Almost 20 kilometers of beach, more than 2 million square meters of gardens, affordable mass transit and quality health care are some of the factors that make Valencia the best city in the world to live in, according to the InterNations ranking, the largest community of expats.

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Iryo Valencia

27 Nov 2022

Madrid and Valencia have never been so close. Thanks to the entry of companies such as the Spanish-Italian entity Iryo, which is starting now; the French company Ouigo, which began operating recently; and the Spanish firm AVLO from Renfe, it is now possible to travel by high-speed train between Madrid and Valencia in less than two hours at a more affordable price.  

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Mercado Central Valencia

08 Nov 2022

Yesterday, at Quique Dacosta’s Arros QD restaurant in London, 50 Best announced that The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 awards will be hosted in the city of Valencia, Spain in June 2023. 


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Jardin del Turia Valencia

28 Oct 2022

Valencia has earned this recognition thanks to its model of sustainable urban development and it leading commitment to becoming a climate-neutral and smart city by 2030.

Valencia has been chosen as the European Green Capital 2024, a distinction with which the European Commission recognises and rewards cities* which have implemented projects that reduce their environmental impact and improve quality of life for residents. 

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Plaza de la Reina Valencia

09 Sep 2022

The singular and iconic Plaza de la Reina in Valencia is open once more after the remodeling work that has turned its almost 12,000 m2 into pedestrian areas. After several months of work, the entire area is again open to visitors, who will be able to access it from anywhere on foot, and by car from Calle de la Paz. There is a two-story underground garage, which has also been completely remodeled. 

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Jardines del Turia

25 Jul 2022

Valencia's commitment to sustainability is once again being recognized throughout Europe with the city's selection as one of the two finalists, together with Cagliari (Italy), for the title of European Green Capital 2024.

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CaixaForum Valencia

28 Jun 2022

The city of Valencia - 2022’s World Design Capital - is opening new cultural centres and transforming itself with artistic displays to showcase its contribution to the world of design, art and architecture. 

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Linea 10 metro Valencia

13 May 2022

The city champions sustainable mobility by opening metro line 10, which, for the first time, connects the area of the City of Arts and Sciences with the center. It is also expanding its nighttime bus network to provide 24-hour service. 

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