Valencia with kids

If they are happy, you are happier.

Okay, ask this: 

What do you need to make your trip to Valencia with children a success? 

A trip organised by adults with children is not always what the little ones are expecting and then what happens, well, happens… 

They don’t want to know, they drag their feet, they are hungry all the time, they are tired… “I'm bored, my backpack is heavy, I'm thirsty...” and you are trying to lead the way. You’re frazzled by the end of the day, you want to get them to sleep, and you’re thinking... “Why did we even bother leaving the house?” 

What a plan. 

Your holiday time should be for having fun, laughing, and discovering new things that let you disconnect and help them grow as people. 

Well, here comes the good news: 


Valencia with kids is the perfect city to come back home from with a smile on your face.

You want to know why Valencia with kids is a guaranteed win?

It's friendly

Because the distances are short enough to reach any point of interest in a flash and getting around is easy-peasy because it is completely flat. 

It’s fun

Because it has activities for all tastes: for the creative ones, for the lively ones, for the quiet ones, for the artists, for the pleasure seekers… 

It's easy

Because it has a mild climate all year round, six months of beach season and internationally celebrated Mediterranean gastronomy. 

And now that you know why Valencia is a fabulous destination to come with your children, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are the must-sees in the city of the Turia. 

What to visit in Valencia with children: what the must-sees are  

In Valencia there is plenty of fun and learning experiences for all ages and families. 

Whether you're bringing babies or teenagers, whether you're on your own or with several adults, there are places you can't miss. 

Here are four of the star visits, to whet your appetite: 

Europe's largest aquarium: 500 marine species represented by a whopping 45,000 specimens from the most important ecosystems of each of the Earth's seas and oceans. A real tribute to marine life, with a dolphinarium and bio-educational displays.
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A little slice of Africa in Valencia. Here you can learn about the most outstanding animals, vegetation, and landscapes found in the neighbouring continent's habitats: the savannah, the forests of Equatorial Africa and Madagascar, and the wetlands.
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Nine kilometres of flat green areas that cross the city along the length of the old Turia riverbed. It has a cycle lane, a special track for runners, football pitches and kiosk bars where you can have a bite to eat or maybe a vermouth, a true Valencian tradition.
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Nature in its purest form, dreamy sunsets, boat trips and disconnection in capital letters. Like an urban oasis surrounded by rice fields and forest: that is the Albufera Natural Park, the place where paella was invented
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Are you more do-it-yourselves types? Here are some plans for you to have fun with them.  

If you're also the kind of person who likes to take action, there are a thousand things you can do in Valencia with your children. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Boat trip and lunch menu at El Palmar Restaurant

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More activities and plans with kids 


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