Valencian culture is part of the essence of the people, displayed in over 60 cultural spaces including museums, monuments, and multidisciplinary spaces. Valencia is rich in history, as well as in the production of arts and crafts, which is why it is possible to find contemporary art museums, guild museums, museums with Gothic works or hidden treasures such as the revered Holy Chalice or Santo Cáliz. All of these are located in eclectic and interesting architectural spaces, from the Gothic to the latest and most modern architectural trends. Discovering them is to discover the heart and soul of Valencian culture.



If you want to know all the museums and monuments of the city here are our guides


The 34 museums of València are there to suit all tastes. From the second largest art gallery in Spain at the Museo de Bellas Artes, to the IVAM's modern art, including the Museo Nacional de Cerámica, the Fallero, the Centre del Carme or the Bombas Gens art centre.
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Discover the monuments that you cannot miss in Valencia. The list of must-sees is long, with treasures such as the Cathedral, the Lonja de la Seda, the frescos in the Church of San Nicolás, the Torres de Serranos, or the Plaza Redonda among others.
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