"Today is tomorrow", the project that combines contemporary design and art

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 The Association of Art Galleries of the Valencian Community (LAVAC) is taking part in Valencia, 2022 World Design Capital with an original program of exhibits, performances, talks, round tables and workshops in several Valencian galleries.

The goal of this project is to showcase the entities that are involved in contemporary art in the Valencian Community, as well as to bring creativity, innovation, research, reflection, communication and critical thinking to a wide and diverse audience.


By using art as a means to rethink the world.

Enjoy "Solas" at Galería Cánem, experience "Tresor" at Shiras Galería, discover "The forms that uphold discourse" at The Liminal, or contemplate "The Power of the Sentinel" at Espai Nivi.

"Today is tomorrow" opens with thirteen essential exhibits in ten art galleries in the Valencian Community.

The project will be ongoing through 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, so the schedule will be updated gradually.


It is also the first time this year that contemporary art is explicitly part of Valencia, 2022 World Design Capital, so don't miss this fusion of design and art.


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