“Kind”, Peeping Tom's proposal for the 10 Senses Festival

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The eleventh edition of the 10 Senses Festival revolves around love and the need to demonstrate its power in these turbulent times, and the play "Kind" is one of the main offerings in this year's schedule.

If you are in Valencia on May 7 and 8, don't miss the last part of the family trilogy by the Belgian company Peeping Tom.

After the success of "Vader" -father- and "Moeder" -mother-, "Kind" -child- invites the audience to learn about distant and dark universes, to discover a world of fantasy, to connect with the fusion of the everyday and the dreamed.

"Kind" provides a raw and emotional take on childhood that conveys children's perception of reality through their desires and fears, and how their point of view changes as they grow and form their own identity.

This play explores issues such as violence, trauma, pressure and the paradox between what is real and false. How? Through an almost magical stage design: a land that speaks, children growing up in the trees, strange events that arouse curiosity... 

Its visit to the Teatre Principal provides, for the time being, the only chance to see "Kind" in Spain, so if you want to experience something incredible... Be sure to get your tickets!



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    May 7 at 8 pm

    May 8 at 6 pm

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    Carrer de les Barques, 15. València

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    From 12 €


Carrer de les Barques, 15, València, España

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