Josh Rouse, American folk with a Valencia feel at El Loco Club

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It will be on May 24 and will serve to showcase “Going Places”.

Josh Rouse is a regular in our city, which is normal considering he has lived in Valencia for over 10 years. He will visit us on May 24 to give a concert at El Loco Club, where he will present his album “Going Places”.

This artist from Nebraska is not easy to classify, and therein precisely lies much of his charm. His musical career has led him to experiment with indie-pop, folk and soft rock, and has influences from electronic music, jazz and even bossa nova.

His career, regardless of style issues, stands out for how easily he composes beautiful songs, crystalline melodies, elegant and melancholic. Simple songs cooked in silky pop-folk but without sacrificing elements from other styles.

The recipe book for his latest album, “Going Places”, emerged during his stay in Valencia during the most severe lockdown of the pandemic. The night of May 24 will be a great opportunity to enjoy it live. Welcome home, Josh Rouse!





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    Carrer de l'Erudit Orellana, 12, (46008) València

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Carrer de l'Erudit Orellana, 12, 46008 València, España

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  • Underground: L2.
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15 Mon
33º 21º