The “Emergency on Planet Earth” exhibition comes to the CCCC

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Do not miss it

The Earth is in constant peril due to the actions of human beings. Being aware of environmental problems is the first step towards gaining consciousness of the consequences of our actions and beginning to look for solutions.

For this reason, "Emergency on Planet Earth" at the Centre del Carme de Cultura Contemporània is an essential exhibition.

The exhibition consists of twelve different spaces; each of them deals with a different environmental problem: global warming, waste production, loss of biodiversity, pollution...

Through gigantic murals, original sculptures and quirky installations, the exhibition shows how human actions can damage the environment.

"Emergency on Planet Earth" is committed to urban art as an engine for change and features the exclusive collaboration of fourteen national and international artists, including Onur, Xelon, Will Coles, Marina Capdevila and Doa Oa.

Vinz Feel Free invites us to reflect through the exhibition on the current situation of the Earth. As the co-curator of the exhibition says: "It is up to us whether we build or destroy the planet".

Don't miss "Emergency on Planet Earth", a vindication of the need to protect and recover our planet. From 4 March to 4 September at the CCCC.

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