The Hole X, the most outrageously roguish show, is about to touch down in València

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El espectáculo The Hole cumple 10 años y lo celebra con su nuevo show «The Hole X»: una apología al disfrute, al amor y al carpe diem. The Hole is 10 years old and celebrates it with a new show "The Hole X": an ode to enjoyment, love and carpe diem.

What’s it all about?

The main character is an MC who decides to hold an extravagant party in his villa to make his forbidden love with a rat public. Yes, just the way you hear it: a man who is in love with a rodent sets off this story that is wackily brilliant from beginning to end.

Acrobatics, music, circus, and choreography sprinkled with a great deal of humour and some daringly provocative touches are the perfect formula for "The Hole X" to become a classic in the billboard.

The play retains the essence of the original version, but it also includes some incredible new features that you can't miss.

A basic requirement: leave your hang-ups and assumptions at home to enjoy this unique show that will tear your routine up from its roots.

Come storming out of your hole, full of energy and good vibes: don't miss the most outrageously roguish show of the year from April 27 to May 15 at the Antigua Estación del Grau de València.


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