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Don't miss the nativity displays that are set up throughout Valencia, a perfect opportunity to experience Christmas and get to know the city's most iconic places.

Nativity scenes

Setting up a nativity scene is still a long-standing tradition in Valencian families. There is also an important tradition of artisans specializing in creating manger figures that are displayed throughout the city.

If you would like to take a look at the most interesting ones, we suggest these: 


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The one with the most figures: Crystal Room in City Hall

The Association of Nativity Makers of Valencia assembles this spectacular crèche, which can be visited from December 1 to January 4, 2024. It consists of more than 300 figures, 250 animals and over 400 handmade accessories, such as baskets, jars, palm trees, carpenter and blacksmith tools, carts and fountains, all in a 45-square-meter area. 

The Crystal Room in Valencia's City Hall is the setting for this traditional crèche, which this year joins in commemorating the ‘Year of Sorolla’, marking the centenary of the Valencian painter's death.

This scene pays tribute to the artist Joaquín Sorolla and the artistic legacy he left to the city of Valencia. It is inspired by the work of the renowned Valencian painter, with warm colors and other details, such as representations of seaside scenes and evocations of light and color in Sorolla’s impressionist style. 

The traditional nativity scene in Plaza del Ayuntamiento

This life-size manger is located in front of the town hall balcony. It is a Greco-Latin portal in which the ox, the mule and the star of Bethlehem complement the traditional scene, consisting of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and the Child, the work of fallas artist José Puche. 

Starting December 1, it will be part of the scenery in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and during the Three Kings Parade on January 5, the three wise men will stop in front of the crèche to recreate the Adoration.

The oldest nativity: Neapolitan nativity scene at the Museum of Ceramics

Dated back to the 18th century, this nativity scene located in the Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas provides the perfect excuse to prolong your visit to the National Museum of Ceramics.
It consists of figures of different sizes, made of tow-covered wire, terracotta heads, carved wood, glass and dressed in silk fabrics of the time. 
In addition, the materials used for the characters' accessories are coral and pearl beads, ivory castanets, metal stirrups and crowns, silver censer and many others.
In short, a realistic nativity scene with finely crafted details befitting the building that houses it.

The chicest: Nativity Scene in Mercado de Colón

Also large, the nativity scene in the Mercado de Colón and the great fir tree give a Christmas feel to one of the chicest meeting points in the city. Enjoy its climate-controlled terraces and interesting range of cuisine. Take the opportunity to stroll through the stalls of the Christmas market, and one for nativity scenes, and round out yours with the figurine of your choice.

The largest: Full-size figures in Plaza de la Reina

The life-size figures are made by the Association of Fallas Artists. A depiction of the birth of Jesus, the Magi, the shepherds, and the angel can be seen and visited at its outdoor location in Plaza de la Reina.

The most committed: Nativity scene of the church of San Juan del Hospital

What's unique about this crèche is that it has scenes scattered throughout the church of San Juan del Hospital in Valencia. The main group is in the chapel of the confessionals, but there are many more.

They were designed mainly with girls and boys in mind, who are invited to don their detective hats and take part in a contest.

What do they have to do?

They have to pay close attention and identify items that are not from the time of Jesus' birth or from the scene in question. It's quite a challenge to set the minds of kids in motion.

Enjoy this opportunity for the whole family to go all in on this Christmas tradition. Open until January 8.

The visiting hours, provided there are no church services, are Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and from 5 to 9 p.m.; Sundays and holidays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 to 9 p.m.

Nativity Scenes of the Contest of the Central Fallas Board (JCF)

The JCF of Valencia joins the Christmas fun with two nativity scene competitions: free design and classics, some of which occupy up to 60m2. In addition, it has categories A and B depending on the size.

In the same vein as the fallas, around 100 committees design and assemble their crèche to enter the contest. The committees include Malvarrosa-Antonio Ponz-Cavite, Cuba-Literato Azorín, Mercado de Castilla, Reino de Valencia-San Valero, San Vicente-Marvá, Na Jordana, and many others.

For more details, check out the website of the Fallas Board.

Highest: Vertical nativity scene of St. Nicholas Church

In the historic church-museum of San Nicolás, also known as the "Valencian Sistine Chapel", there is a vertical nativity scene six meters high and four meters wide.

A monument that is renewed over the years and that is blessed by the church itself with a Christmas concert offered by the San Nicolás Choir, the proceeds from which go to the soup kitchen of the Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Nazaret school.

The most generous: Nativity scene in the chapel of the Basilica de la Mare de Déu

In the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados, the nativity scene is set up by devotees with donated figures.

The scene takes up the entire chapel, the space closest to the image of the Patroness, and it recreates different biblical scenes from the birth of Jesus. If there's one place to worship in Valencia, it's here. And it takes on a special meaning at Christmas.

The visiting hours are the same as the Basilica's, daily from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The most endearing: the Nativity scene of the Hermanitas Ancianos Desamparados

Year after year, the nuns of the Asylum of the Sisters of the Helpless Elders set up a most intricate crèche.

The scenes show the Annunciation, the Flight into Egypt, the Presentation of the Child Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the visit of the Virgin Mary to Saint Elizabeth, the search for an inn, and many others. 

The nativity scene has over 600 figures, some repeated and others are renewed each Christmas cycle, recreating different biblical passages.

Nativity scenes of the Valencia Association of Nativity Scene Makers

The history of the Association of Nativity Scene Makers of Valencia takes us back to 1952, when several residents exchanged invitations to visit the nativity scenes they made in their homes. As a result, the first association was created in 1956. 

Currently, the Association of Nativity Scene Makers of Valencia designs and assembles different nativity scenes throughout the city. Keep reading for more info.

The spectacular: Crèche in Nuevo Centro 

This Great Monumental Crèche of the Association of Nativity Scene Makers of Valencia is set up every year in a tent located outside the Nuevo Centro shopping center, and is an attraction in itself.
Every Christmas, the organization makes every effort to install a visitable macro nativity scene that boasts minute details and takes up over 40m2.
Admission is free and it can be visited during the mall's opening hours.

Nativity Scene in Palau de la Generalitat 

If you're not familiar with it, the Palau de la Generalitat is a late Valencian Gothic building constructed in 1421 on Calle Caballeros, and it has a magnificent courtyard. It is in this courtyard where you can see large dioramas with scenes of the birth, and where the Association of Nativity Scene Makers sets up the road to Bethlehem. 
There are also parallel activities in this iconic space of the Palau at Christmastime.

The traditional: Crèche in the Diputació 

The Palau dels Scala, built in the 16th century and currently home to the Provincial Council of Valencia (Diputació), opens its doors to showcase its traditional Christmas nativity scene that the pros in the Association of Nativity Scene Makers make and assemble every year. 
As usual, admission is free. The entrance is in Plaza Manises, with the area in and around the Diputació once again turning into Christmas Plaza, a cultural and leisure space with activities for the whole family.
This is another good opportunity to experience Christmas while also visiting a unique building in the city.


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