Bike route and boat ride in l’Albufera

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An excursion that connects the most modern València with the most traditional l’Albufera awaits you on the «Easy Albufera Bike & Boat tour»

If you love going on a bike route and enjoying nature, here’s a great plan for you!

«Easy Albufera Bike & Boat tour» is the perfect combination between the most modern València and the wonder of l’Albufera Natural Park: a route on two wheels that is worth it from beginning to end.

The bike ride starts at The Easy Way bike rental shop on Avenida de Francia 10. Of course, you can choose a city bike with seven gears or an electric bike. The important thing is for you to enjoy it your way.

A 10-kilometres journey will separate you from your destination, but the smell of the sea and pine trees, and a landscape of the more traditional Valencian orchard make the journey a wonderful one. And there’s a prize for getting there, because a traditional boat known as albuferenc will be waiting to show you the rice fields and fauna of the area from a unique and different point of view.

The boat will take you to the Gola de Pujol, the halfway point between l’Albufera Natural Park and the Mediterranean Sea. And the decision will be yours, because whether you want to rest in a dreamlike spot, eat in a traditional restaurant in the area, or visit the most characteristic jetties in the Comunitat, you’ll be able to continue enjoying yourself until the evening arrives.

An experience to remember as you cycle back to the City of Arts and Sciences, where this spectacular experience will end. 

Doesn’t it sound good? Then book your bike on this link.



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    Every day (except Tuesday and Sunday) at 10:00 a.m.

  • Price

    City bike for a child 28€.
    City bike for an adult 33€.
    Electric bike for an adult 45€.


Av. de Francia, 10, Camins al Grau, 46023, Valencia, España

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  • Underground: L10.
  • Bus: 19, 40, 94.
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