Valencia, European Green Capital 2024

Valencia invites you to celebrate another important recognition of the city's commitment to sustainability: its election as European Green Capital 2024.  

This distinction, awarded by the European Commission, recognizes the city's efforts to improve the environment and the quality of life of its residents and visitors alike. It takes into account factors such as the numerous green spaces and sustainable mobility initiatives that can be enjoyed in the city, and that we invite you to discover on your visit.  



Barca Albufera
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Boat trip and paella in l'Albufera: a 100% Valencian experience


Bicicleta en un embarcadero de la Albufera
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Bike route and boat ride in l’Albufera


Exposición Microalgas Valencia
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Discovering the Secret Life of Microalgae


comiendo paella
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Food and sustainable business at ftalks Food Summit

A green city  

You can feel Valencia's green credentials as soon as you arrive. You just have to see the number of gardens and green spaces where you can escape from the urban bustle and enjoy nature without leaving the city... almost five million square meters of green areas! We won't ask you to visit them all, but some you really should see. Start with the Jardín del Turia, an impressive nine-kilometer route of gardens and sports and leisure spaces that crosses the city where the Turia River once flowed. Then explore hidden spots for a romantic stroll, such as the Jardín de Monforte, or new esplanades recently added to the urban landscape, such as the Parque Central, with more than 100,000 square meters of land. Valencia is home to gardens for all tastes. Choose your favorite! 

jardín del Turia
Turia Garden Valencia
jardín del Turia
Parks and Gardens
Parque de Benicalap
Route of the monumental trees
Parque Central
Parque Central

A city with two natural parks  

Valencia not only has multiple green spaces in the urban center, but also two natural parks on its periphery that are easily accessible by public transportation or bicycle. The Parque Natural de l’Albufera is a veritable oasis just half an hour away from the city, not only for people but also for the thousands of birds that frequent its important wetlands every year. You can explore its different ecosystems on foot or by bike, or on a relaxing boat ride, and top it all off with a traditional Valencian paella among the rice fields that gave birth to this dish. 

Going up the course of the Turia River you will find the Turia Natural Park, more than 8,000 hectares of Mediterranean forest, which you can explore on foot, by bike or on horseback. In the warmer months, it is the ideal space to take shelter in the shade of the pines or take a dip in its natural pools. 

If you want to dive even deeper into the nature of the province, a short distance away you will find true natural paradises, such as the small villages that make up two Biosphere Reserves, or Starlight destinations from which to contemplate the universe with no light pollution.  

Atardecer albufera
Albufera Natural Park
Parque natural del Turia
Turia Nature Park: Valencia’s green corridor
Albufera de valencia
Trails in Valencia's L'Albufera
Biosphere Reserves: earthly paradises just an hour away from the city
Nebulosa caballo
Starlight Destinations in Valencia: an astronomical experience

The world's breadbasket   

Valencia is home to another green space of transcendental importance not only to Valencia, but to the whole world: the Huerta. Surrounding the city are 120 km2 of fertile vegetable and fruit farms whose produce is not only exported, but supplied to local markets and restaurants.   

You are guaranteed to enjoy authentic local cuisine in Valencian restaurants, with seasonal products that have barely any environmental footprint. It's one of the reasons the city was named Capital of Sustainable Urban Food in 2017. 

In addition to tasting delicious dishes in its restaurants, be sure to visit the Mercado Central or one of the other municipal markets in Valencia to get the freshest products, whether as a snack on the spot or to take home.  

Discover the orchard: The Valencian pantry with its own name
Mercado Central
Municipal Markets: Shrines To Locally Sourced Products
Valencia, model for food sustainability

Mobility that leaves no trace  

Transportation is also green in Valencia. Not only can you get around the city easily using mass transit, but, even better, you can do so by bike. With over 200 kilometers of bike lanes and practically flat terrain, riding on two wheels through the city is a pleasure, and the most sustainable way to get to all its landmarks. 

If you don't like pedaling, you can also enjoy 94 km2 of pedestrian areas, including the new spaces in Plaza de la Reina, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Plaza de Brujas, between the Mercado Central and La Lonja. 

Jardines del Turía
Reduce emissions as you get around in Valencia
Mapa metro
Getting around: transport, cards and season tickets
Jardines del Turia
Cycling in Valencia

Your contribution to an even greener Valencia  

We can all do our bit to help keep Valencia a green city, even after its year as European Green Capital, and help combat climate change.  

In addition to being able to move around sustainably, you will find many other ways to reduce your carbon footprint and be a responsible tourist; for example, by minimizing waste, supporting the economy and local communities with your purchases and consumption, or taking part in ecotourism activities. 

Pareja con la Valencia Tourist Card
Tips for a responsible trip
Shop locally
En bici por arrozales
Practise ecotourism in Valencia
sendero albufero de voluntariado ambiental
Environmental volunteering


Atardecer en València
Make your visit more sustainable
barraca en albufera
Initiatives for taking care of the planet