Where to find the most authentic Christmas gifts

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TOURISTIC AREA: Ruzafa and Ensanche

If you’re looking for something traditional, Orfebres Peris Roca is the place for you. For over a century, three generations of the family that lends this jeweller's its name have been crafting artisanal jewellery, honouring their Valencian roots and taking inspiration from Mediterranean cultures to create unique pieces. 

More traditional gifts? At Abanicos Vibenca, you can observe how the hand-painting is done on their wooden fans in a variety of styles. Take one (or however many you like!) home with you. In fact, most people don't know this, but the majority of Spanish fans are made in Valencia.

The most original souvenirs


How about sending a Christmas postcard? But not just any card, one of the ones you’ll find at La Postalera. Or ceramic items from a carefully selected collection of one-of-a-kind pieces by artists and artisans from all over Spain.  

The folks at Atypical know all about truly out of the ordinary souvenirs, with cups, bags, prints, postcards and T-shirts illustrated with pure Valencian design. From 1st December, get a free Christmas postcard with every purchase of €20 or more.  

In Valencia, we also like traditional Christmas markets. Take a stroll through one of this year’s options and pick up handicrafts, clothing, gourmet products or gifts you can't even imagine!

Fashion for all

For the rockers who weren't able to make it to Valencia or collectors, the entire catalogue for Valencia’s Hard Rock Cafe shop is available for home delivery. Just email rockshoprder@hrcvalencia.com with the postcode and items you would like to purchase, and their team will coordinate payment and delivery with you.  

When it comes to hats, the experts are Albero, a century-old shop with caps, hats, turbans and other headgear for all and sundry. Let them guide you. They’ve got a hat for every customer’s style! They offer special packaging for gifts, with a box for hats and a box or sleeve for caps.  

Loewe is a Spanish fashion icon. Choose from the brand's famous Puzzle or Gate bags, or anything from their line of men's and women's fashions, shoes or wallets and purses available at the shop at Marqués de Dos Aguas, 7. For men's fashion, at Blackcape you’ll find suits, blazers, trousers and shirts in signature Italian style, handcrafted shoes and accessories. They offer a 10% discount on Christmas purchases and have home delivery. They also serve customers by appointment, and you can make your purchases by phone or WhatsApp.  

Also be sure to stop by Miralindo, a shop with a captivating personality, especially at Christmastime. You’ll find clothing, accessories, design and handicrafts. This ‘seaside attic’ also features items by more than 30 designers, artists and artisans. Don’t miss the section devoted to their own children's clothing line, in 100% cotton.  

Eva Escamilla paints foulards, shawls and wraps by hand, turning them into unique silk pieces for her Ensedarte brand. There are also earrings, fans and prints depicting the lobby decoration in Norte Station, as well as hand-painted Christmas ornaments. You can find all her creations – with special discounts and packs for Christmas – on the website and at La Botiga de la Artesanía, the shop at the Arts and Crafts Centre of the Valencian Community. 

Spectacular gifts



Local theatres are once again raising the curtain with full safety precautions, and this Christmas they are offering a very enticing repertoire. So, why not surprise your loved ones with tickets? In times like this, the gift of leisure and fun is more valuable than ever! Have a look at all the shows on offer in Valencia this Christmas and select your gift. (Don't forget to include a ticket for yourself!)


Why not give the gift of music? The programming at the Palau de les Arts performing arts centre features a wide variety of performances: from opera to lieder, baroque music, flamenco and dance. You’ll even find gifts for the kiddies, as this programming also includes educational sessions to discover all the secrets of how the Palau operates and how some of the shows are staged. Another option is a guided tour of the building, designed by Calatrava, with access to performance spaces and the Centro de Perfeccionamiento de Les Arts, a training ground for great artists of the future.

Guided tours of Valencia tied up with a bow


It won't happen again (or so we hope!). As you know, it's not often we have time to explore our city. There’s much to learn about Valencia, its origins, the legends told about it, its landmarks and the people who changed the course of its history. Get swept up in the tales. And share them by giving the gift of a guided tour of Valencia. Discover how the Holy Grail came to be in the cathedral, or why the Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda (Silkmakers Guild) is located in a neighbourhood that so happens to be called Velluters (Velvetmakers). Learn more about what is known as the Sistine Chapel of the city and discover modernist buildings you had never noticed before. And what about exploring Valencia by bike? Well, that’s another option. Take a look at our guided tours and be the most original gift-giver this Christmas. 

Give the gourmets in your life a Valencian style surprise

Valencian cava or wine, handcrafted nougat, private tastings, winery tours, the best sweetbread for Epiphany, the most delicious lucky New Year’s Eve grapes ... find the very tastiest gifts in our special Christmas culinary recommendations.

Now you've got no excuse to not be the most original this Christmas.

Another thing to remember: buying from local shops will help Valencian businesses to recover from this crisis.