Experience something unique with the "Wozzeck" opera

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TOURISTIC AREA: City of Arts and Alameda

On May 23, almost a hundred years after it was composed, "Wozzeck", Alban Berg's revolutionary German opera, which set the tone for the development and evolution of musical theater in the 20th and 21st centuries, is coming to Les Arts.

"Wozzeck" is an expressionist tragedy inspired by the true story of soldier Johann Christian Woyzeck.

This drama of social protest with psycho-medical overtones portrays a poor and exploited working class, a victim and several tormentors, and material scarcity directly connected to moral miseries.

The work, directed by James Gaffigan and starring international singers such as Swedish baritone Peter Mattei, Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek and British tenor Christopher Ventris, not only showcases a large cast of exceptional artists, but features impressive staging as well.

More than 20 tons of material was needed to build this incredible technical set that, among other elements, includes a 6.5-ton hanging house with lighting and movement and a 450-meter sheet of water that covers the stage.

"Wozzeck" is the last show of the Les Arts opera season. Enjoy this unique work before June 5 by booking your ticket here.

Heads up! If you're under 28, there is a special session for you on May 23.

For just €10, thrill to Wozzcek's performance and get ready to give it your all at the party with DJ Sansixto that will take place after the performance.

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