The best terraces in Valencia: flavors with a view

It's no secret that Valencia has a fantastic climate; 300 days of sunshine a year and almost constant mild temperatures make for a vibrant street life in Valencia. That is why squares, gardens and charming spots abound where you can sit outdoors and enjoy cuisine of all kinds in places that are also a treat for the senses.

So go ahead and bask in the joy of being outdoors and discovering the best flavor landscapes in the city.


Restaurants in the center with terrace: Barrio del Carmen-Ciutat Vella 

We start the tour of the best restaurants in Valencia with a terrace in Ciutat Vella, the district that is home to the historic center, one of the largest in Europe. 

You can treat yourself to a walk through Barrio del Carmen, its narrow streets full of mansions, historical landmarks and courtyards with small gardens, and choose a table with views of the Cathedral or the Baroque palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas. Or maybe you're more into quaint little squares. 

Choose your favorite terrace and enjoy the delicacies offered by any of these establishments: 

La Lola
La Lola
mesa restaurante le marquis
Le Marquis (Hotel SH Inglés)
Mascaraque Restaurante IVAM
Asador El Porteño
Asador El Porteño


Restaurants with a terrace in Ensanche-Ruzafa  

Ensanche and Ruzafa bring together some of the most stylish venues in Valencia.

The splendid modernist buildings and streets renovated with pedestrians in mind make the perfect pairing to get to know the poshest part of the city near two markets that are well worth a visit: the Ruzafa Market and the Colón Market.

Two different styles for two neighborhoods with personality, just like their cuisine.

La Salita

Michelin Star:


Soles Repsol:


La Salita
fachada terraza exterior de doña petrona
Doña Petrona
detalle del local micub
Goya Gallery
Goya Gallery Restaurant
El Modernista
El Modernista (Hotel Palacio Santa Clara)


Restaurants with a terrace in Alameda-City of Arts and Sciences 

Let's continue our tour of the Valencia of wide open and luminous spaces.

La Alameda, that promenade with a central boulevard where you can sit facing the Turia Garden under the trees: a place to savor all kinds of food while you watch the city hum. 

The same goes for the area of the City of Arts and Sciences, the extension of the Alameda, which has ample sidewalks where you can sit and try a wide range of cuisines near the imposing architectural complex.

sala restaurante contrapunto les arts
Contrapunto Les Arts
plato con varias hortalizas de bocado bar
Bocado Bar
báscula antigua en el restaurante jauja
detalle plantas y terraza en átic palau alameda
Àtic - Palau Alameda
terraza del restaurante el jardí del hotel westin
Jardí Bar
La Terracita del Palace
La Terracita del Palace
Bar Tonyina
Bar Tonyina
Bar Cremaet
Bar Cremaet
Cocolinda Alameda
Cocolinda Alameda
a tu gusto
A Tu Gusto
Raro restaurante


Restaurants with a terrace on the beach 

Coming to Valencia and not eating something on a terrace facing the sea or in the shade of the Albufera is sacrilege.

If there is one thing that characterizes Valencia is its coastline, with urban beaches full of lively restaurants where you can try any of the typical specialties, including dozens of rice dishes with local ingredients. And they all use products from our farmland and our coasts.

puerta entrada exterior restaurante la ferrera
La Ferrera
Meraki Beach & Sky Restaurant
Meraki Beach & Sky Restaurant
plato paella marisco en restaurante casa isabel
Casa Isabel
El Coso Del Mar
El Coso Del Mar
restaurante la alegria de la huerta
La Alegría de La Huerta
detalle plato pescado en restaurante portolito
Portolito Playa
Tridente (Hotel Neptuno)
plato de postre en restaurante la marítima veles e vents
La Marítima de Veles e Vents
terraza con butacas y mesas de restaurante destino
Destino Puerto
mesa en el restaurante el camarote
El Camarote & The Roof
Vlue Arribar
Vlue Arribar
Brasserie Sorolla
Brasserie Sorolla (Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort)
Restaurante Mimar
La Sastrería
La Sastrería


Restaurants with a terrace in the Albufera 

It's the same in l'Albufera, the natural park with one of the most important wetlands in Spain, where you can taste traditional Valencian seafood and vegetable dishes and take a boat ride to enjoy a highly diverse natural environment. 

terraza en el restaurante el palmar
Restaurante El Palmar
vista exterior del edificio restaurante nou racó
Nou Racó
Restaurante La Albufera
Restaurante La Albufera


Restaurants with a terrace in Huerta 

The Valencian farmland is the city's pantry: a green strip that surrounds the metropolitan area and supplies recently harvested ingredients to the restaurants of Valencia.

And of course, the restaurants in the area are the first to enjoy these fresh products, putting them to use in rural establishments just a stone's throw away from the city; farmhouses and manors in the country in which to get lost in time while enjoying dishes with a Mediterranean flair.

sala del restaurante bergamonte
edificio exterior y huerta del hotel la mozaira
La Mozaira (Hotel La Mozaira)
Villa Indiano
Villa Indiano


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