Avenida Mare Nostrum, 50 46120 Alboraia

TOURISTIC AREA: Sea towns, Marina and beaches

COOKING TYPE: Rice specials

The gastronomy of the Mediterranean makes this land a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world and those diners eager for pleasure, who savour in the cuisine of MIMAR a faithful reflection of what our diet should represent: varied, delicious, quality and cooked to order by Raúl Aleixandre and his team with passion, flavour and tradition, with the best possible raw materials: fresh fish and seafood from the fish market, vegetables from the Valencian market garden, broths and fumets patiently prepared and rice dishes around which to sit with a hunger for life. The fire and the embers are the catalysts of this whole culinary experience, and MIMAR's rice dishes are the protagonists at the table, going a step beyond the classic paella and challenging us to explore new avenues, always with a Valencian perspective and with flavour as our flag. At an architectural and gastronomic level, MIMAR has created an ecosystem with attention to detail in perfect harmony with nature, born out of a desire to preserve our cultural and natural identity, using the fruits of Valencian farmers, the fish and seafood of our national seas, and always working with the best product as our flagship. MIMAR the product, MIMAR the client, MIMAR Valencia. What am I going to do if I was born in the Mediterranean?


  • Schedule info Every day open from 11:00 to 18:00
  • Restaurant capacity: 300


Avenida Mare Nostrum, 50 46120 Alboraia

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