Shop locally

Whoever said that shopping can't be sustainable? Making your purchases in small shops and local shops that are committed to healthy and environmentally friendly products is a great support for both producers and local traders. In València there is a wide range of shops with these characteristics and a network of municipal markets that are true temples of kilometre 0.

Made in Valencia shops

Crafts, design, fashion, jewellery, and gastronomy are some of the most productive commercial sectors in Valencia. Porcelain shops such as the internationally renowned Lladró, hand-painted silk accessories by Ensedarte, handmade fans by Vibenca or Carbonell, or a piece of silverware by Peris Roca or ceramics by Ana Illueca, are exclusive gifts with all the flavour of Valencia.  As well as very tasty local products, you will find the best brands of fashion and accessories or designer souvenirs.  You can take a guided tour to be taken to the made in Valencia places that you should not miss.

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Shops Made in Valencia
What to Buy in Valencia
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Going shopping in Valencia, a huge variety


Municipal Markets

The Central Market and those of Ruzafa, Mossen Sorell, Cabanyal and Colón are the most popular markets in Valencia and any of them is worth a visit. They are temples of seasonal and local produce and will also be a feast for your senses. Oranges, artichokes, peppers, eels, seafood, salted fish... With the market garden and the Mediterranean as direct suppliers, they are the best larder you can imagine for tasting the quality of Valencian products.

Mercado Central
Municipal Markets: Shrines To Locally Sourced Products
Mercado Colón
Colón Market


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