Municipal Markets: Shrines To Locally Sourced Products

The city of Valencia is committed to caring for the environment and to sustainability. And in no activity is this philosophy better reflected than management of its municipal markets. These modern food markets are true shrines to locally sourced products.

The city has made a firm commitment to sustainability. It is no mere chance that Mercavalència – the central site for distribution of local products, neighbourhood by neighbourhood – has set aside a space, La Tira de Contar, where small farmers from Valencia’s fertile area (L’Horta) can come to sell their fresh and newly harvested produce directly to consumers. This tradition emerged during medieval Islamic Valencia and was made official by King Jaume I in 1238. It exists alongside Ecotira, an initiative to distribute organic produce, allowing these producers to market their products directly to industry professionals, such as restaurants and food shops. The absence of any middleman keeps prices lower, primarily benefitting those who ultimately consume these products. 

For this and many other reasons, Valencia is a canticle to the excellence of local, seasonal produce. Its plentiful ancient fertile area, L’Horta, livestock farms in the inland part of the province, and extensive coastline supply the city with the highest-quality, locally sourced fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.  And just where can you find them? Why, at the magnificent network of markets found in each neighbourhood, home to a symphony of colours, aromas, shapes and flavours that make up a stunning sensory experience.  


If you are visiting Valencia and are intrigued by the idea of purchasing the best food products to prepare at your tourist apartment, don't hesitate: stop by a market and pick some up. And if you want to sample them in situ, don't be shy. You will find the finest hams, a variety of cheeses, pickled vegetables, salted fish and more, and a selection of fresh fruits and juices made to order, ready for you to savour. Treat yourself to a truly delicious experience, nibbling from stall to stall. Enjoy a unique environment. And we're sure you'll also be game to sample these delicacies at eating establishments in the area around the markets, or throughout the city. A city that is a true representative of the excellent qualities associated with Mediterranean cuisine, the healthiest and most delicious in the world. Don't deny yourself the experience. Come explore our markets! 


Mercado Central
Central Market
Mercado Mossen Sorell
Market Mossen Sorell
Mercado Russafa
Market Russafa
puerta entrada mercado cabanyal
Cabanyal Market
Mercado Colón
Colón Market
Mercado del Grao
El Grao Market