Reduce emissions as you get around in València

The size of the city, the fact that it is relatively flat, and its good climate invite you to get to know it on foot. Strolling around is one of the best ways to discover the different spots of Valencia. However, for longer journeys, to visit the beaches, l'Albufera or to get to a different area, the ideal way is to choose sustainable transport. Public transport like the metro or bus, rented bicycles or a shared electric vehicle are all at your disposal in Valencia. Get around quickly, comfortably, and emissions-free!


Choose public transport with the Valencia Tourist Card

If you are reading this page, you are probably already aware of the benefits of public transport. Each passenger takes up much less space and emits approximately 70% less carbon dioxide than they do in a private vehicle. Well, in Valencia we make it easy for you. With the Valencia Tourist Card you have unlimited trips on the bus, metro, and tram. Get around the city, visit the beaches or l'Albufera and travel to the airport in the cheapest and most sustainable way.

Valencia Tourist Card

Discover Valencia by pedal power

Owing to its climate and practically flat terrain, Valencia is an ideal city for getting around by bicycle. It has more than 200 kilometres of cycle lanes, the old riverbed that has been converted into the Turia Garden, which crosses it from west to east, and numerous other routes to enjoy the city and its surrounding areas with the minimum environmental impact. You can choose from various rental companies, as well as the municipal service. Find all the information, plans and tips in our Valencia by bike section.

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