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1- What is the Valencia Tourist Card?

It is a card that offers free public transportation and free or discounted admission to many of Valencia's cultural and leisure activities. The cards are individual. One card per person is required. 

2- How is the card activated?

The card is activated with its first use at a point of use (museum, public transport...), NOT when it is purchased. Readers are available for this purpose. The hours of validity will start to count from that moment. Once you have used your València Tourist Card, recycle it at our Tourist Offices. The environment will thank you for it.

3- Validity of the card.

The card is valid for consecutive hours. If, for example, a 72 hour card is activated at 3.00pm on Monday, it will be valid until 3.00pm on Thursday.

4- Can I extend the duration of my cards?

Yes, the Valencia Tourist Card is extendable and may be topped up in any Tourist Information Office.

The 7 day Valencia Tourist Card without transport cannot be extended. You can obtain a new one in any Tourist Information Office.

5- What can I do if my Valencia Tourist Card doesn't work?

If your card doesn't work or an error occurs, you should take it to any of our Tourist Offices together with your receipt.

6- Are the prices of the tourist card the same as those offered in the Tourist Offices?

NO. The on-line shop offers some products at an exclusive price. The 10% discount on the VLC tourist card is only applicable to purchases made on-line. 

7- Can I use the VLC Tourist Card from the airport?

Yes. The Valencia Tourist Card includes the journey from the airport to the city and vice versa. The journey must be made within the validity period of the card.

8- Is there a VTC for children?

Children between the ages of 0 and 5 don't need it since they have free or reduced rates at tourist sites. 

In addition, children up to and including the age of 5 travel free on EMT city buses. Up to and including 10 in the case of the metro and tram. On commuter trains, they do not pay until the age of 6 (up to two children per adult ticket).  

For children between 6 and 12, a 15% discount will be applied to the official rate with the purchase of an adult card, both on the website and at tourist offices. 

9- Is there a Valencia tourist card for disabled ad for the over-65s and/or pensioners?

Yes. Disabled people, the over-65s and those who are retired/pensioners who present documentary proof of their status, will receive a 15% discount. This discount is only available in Tourist Offices.

10- Is there a Valencia tourist card for students?

Yes, students holding a valid young persons or student card will receive a 15% discount (you must show your card). This discount is only available in Tourist Offices.

11- Delivery and Collection of articles.

In our online shop you can choose delivery to an address, delivery to your hotel or collection from any of our Tourist Offices.

If you've chosen the option of delivery to a hotel, remember that you must request the package from the hotel reception and show your Identification Document.

Collection from Tourist Information Offices: Remember to check opening times and the list of Offices from where you can collect VLCShop purchase. The aforementioned list appears in the purchase confirmation email.

Collection from Digital Kiosk: You can collect your purchase from the DIGITAL KIOSK at either the airport. You must enter the order number and the e-mail address you gave when you made the purchase.

12- Valencia Tourist Card refunds policy.

A Valencia Tourist Card cannot be returned if the card has been delivered to any of the points of sale or collection (Tourist Offices, headquarters or main office of the Visit València Foundation, vending machines, smart points, agents/tour operators, hotels, hostels, campsites).

If you buy the Valencia Tourist Card + tickets to tourist venues and shows (or any other type of package offered): no full or partial refunds will be offered, since the buyer will have benefited from the discounts on the tickets at the time of payment, regardless of whether the card has been delivered or not.

You can find all the information about our return policy by clicking on the following link: Information about returns

13- Discounts with the Valencia Tourist Card.

In order to take advantage of Valencia Tourist Card discounts you must purchase all the products together. The discount will be applied automatically when you add all the products to your shopping basket.

If you've already made a VLC Tourist Card purchase and wish to obtain a discount entitlement post purchase, please contact vlcshop@visitvalencia.com and we'll give you a discount code.

14- Can I recycle my tourist card when my stay in the city comes to an end?

The 24h, 48h and 72h Valencia Tourist Cards can be recycled.

When your stay in the city comes to an end you can hand them in to staff at any of our Tourist Offices. 

15- Expiry of the card.

It is expired at 24, 48h or 72 from the first validation. Valencia Tourist Card is extendable and may be topped up in any Tourist Information Office.

16- How can I find out which restaurants, shops and discounts are included with the València Tourist Card?

You'll find all the information in the VLC Tourist Card discounts guide.

17- What happens if I don't collect my tourist cards on the agreed date?

Cards that have not been activated will expire at the end of the current year.

You can let us know when you've got a new date for your visit or request that the cost of your cards is refunded (see refunds policy).

You must claim any refunds before 31 December of the current year.

18- What is the difference between the VTC and the 7-day card without transportation?

The Valencia Tourist Card is a card that allows free access to urban and metropolitan buses, metro (including to the airport), tram and commuter trains in zone AB. It also includes a free tapa, access to the city's museums and monuments, as well as significant discounts on tourist services, restaurants and stores. 

The 7-day Valencia Tourist Card without transportation is a discount card that does NOT include transportation. It includes a free tapa, admission to the city's museums and monuments and significant discounts on tourist services, restaurants and stores. This card also provides free admission to the Cathedral. 

19- Is there a contact telephone number for any queries I may have?

We don't have provide telephone assistance but you can contact us via the online chat available at www.visitvalencia.comvlcshop@visitvalencia.com

20- Where can I find information about the València Tourist Card?

Detailed information is available at www.valenciatouristcard.com

21 - How can I use the Valencia Tourist Card on public transportation?

Bring your Valencia Tourist Card close to the card reader every time you get on public transport.

You can use it as many times as you want during its validity (24, 48 or 72 hours).

If the ticket inspector requests it, you must show him your card and if you have not passed it through the cancelling machine, the penalty may be up to 50 €.

22- How can I use the Valencia Tourist Card in museums, monuments and tourist attractions?

Show your Valencia Tourist Card at the ticket office, approach the reader and wait for it to recognise it.

The screen will light up: green - you can pass / red - your card has expired.

You can only use the Valencia Tourist Card once at the same attraction.

If your card fails at any attraction, try using it at another one to make sure it works correctly. If it still fails, come to one of our tourist offices with your ticket so that we can give you a solution.

23- What means of transportation does the Valencia Tourist Card include?

Transportation included in the Valencia Tourist Card: 

  • All city buses (EMT) 

  • Metropolitan buses (Metrobus) zone AB 

  • Metro and tram in zone AB and stops at the Valencia airport in zone C. 

  • Commuter trains (Renfe) in zone AB. 

The city has 60 bus lines, 9 metro and tram lines and 6 commuter train lines to take you anywhere you want, whether it's from the airport to your hotel, to the beach, to l'Albufera or to any other point of interest. 

Validate the card on the bus or train 

To validate your Valencia Tourist Card on the different means of transportation, you will have to place it over the card reader every time you get on the bus/train. You can use it as often as you want during its period of validity (24, 48 or 72 hours). 


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