Restaurants to celebrate Christmas

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In most restaurants in Valencia you will find delicious Christmas menus, but here are a few to celebrate Christmas as they deserve, like the menus of Hispania and La Cigrona in the centre, Contrapunto in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciènces, Vlue Arribar in the Marina or La Ferrera on the beach of Pinedo.

Try the turrón (nougat) and take a piece home with you. In Trufas Martínez you can find chocolate turrón, or made of egg yolk with orange i the Original CV, the classic made of almonds in Mantequerías Ferrero and all those who can only imagine what you can find in El Corte Inglés.

Not to miss the Christmas tradition, enjoy a hot chocolate with churros or buñuelos in each of the Horchata shops of the city, like Daniel on the Mercado de Colón or Bertal, in the Plaza de la Reina.

And to close the year, buy the uvas de la suerte – the grapes that will bring you good luck - at any of the municipal markets. You know that the star in Valencia is the Central Market! There you will also find the special Christmas pinchos (skewers) they prepare at Salazonarte: with octopus, anchovies, salmon, or seafood. The perfect snack to regain strength on your visit to Valencia!

For Three Kings Day, 6 January, the dessert must be the Roscón de Reyes, a ring-shaped fine dough roll decorated with bits of frosted fruit, symbol of the rubies and emeralds that adorned the colourful cloaks of the Magicians of the East. Between the dough hides a small surprise and whoever finds it is crowned king of the house. But there is also a bean and whoever finds the bean makes a commitment to buy the roscón the following year (maybe in Valencia again!). 

Here's to a better 2022

To toast the Valencian style, choose the cava (champagne) with the Requena denomination, of origin or wines from the D.O. Utiel-Requena or D.O. Valencia. If you want to know more about Valencian wines, join the Wine and Tapas Tour that visits the historic centre from Thursday to Saturday, visiting two taverns and tasting some of the best Valencian wines, cava and nougat.

Don't know where to start? Stop by Original CV (Grabador Esteve, 15), there you have the Valencian eno-gastronomic universe concentrated in the same place. You can taste and buy wines, nougats, cavas, artisan beers and many other gourmet products made by local artisans. Ask them for a private tasting to enjoy with your family or friends and learn while enjoying the richness of the most authentic Valencian gastronomy. Or participate in some of the gastronomic workshops that are organized every week to taste all the delicacies of the Valencian territory.

Enjoy your meal!