Looking for things to do in Valencia with children?

Well, you're in the right place because here, boredom doesn’t exist... not even for the little ones.  

When you travel with children, you have to plan activities they can be part of. Doing things that involve sitting and watching (and being quiet) ends badly because they might get bored.  

The good thing about Valencia is that it's an affordable and welcoming city where they can take charge in museums, at the beach, in its parks and even on guided tours they go on.  

If this sounds good to you, here are the main activities to do in Valencia with children.  

Before coming and buying tickets, though, keep in mind that with the Valencia Tourist Card you can travel for free by bus, metro and tram, and you also get discounts on most attractions. So put it to good use! 

Let's start with the top activities to do in Valencia with children. 


Boat trip and paella in l'Albufera 

Just 10 kilometers away from the city is the Albufera Natural Park, with Europe's largest lake - 2,800 hectares of fresh water and home to up to 350 species of birds.  

Here, children especially enjoy taking a ride in one of the handmade boats called albuferencs, guided by locals who know the lagoon and its stories like the back of their hand. 

This place is particularly unique because, despite being very close to the sea, the water is fresh; it is only separated from the Mediterranean by a strip of natural dunes and pine forests.  

Thanks to its location, its biodiversity is enormous and, in addition to a boat trip, you can go hiking, go for a dip on the beach and get a close-up view of Valencia's famous rice fields.  

And speaking of rice: you can't leave without eating an authentic, old-fashioned paella. It's also a dish that children love.  


Albufera de Valencia




Guided tour specially for them 

The best thing for learning is feeling. And having fun, too.  

Which is why this  family tour of Valencia takes you to places and monuments in Valencia with the little ones dressed as knights and princesses while listening to the stories behind the palaces, squares and towers. 

Learning details about the real people behind the characters and their history is fun and surprising and makes them want to learn even more.  

Something that makes this tour particularly interesting for families is the games and activities that take place at each historical spot, while you learn essential facts about the city on the Turia River. 

tour familiar puerta torres serranos




Tour Bus Ride 

If you don't have much time or the family is tired, a bus ride is a great activity you can do in Valencia. 

The little ones love riding on the top deck of a colorful red double-decker bus. 

It goes through the best areas of Valencia, making it a comfortable way to get to know the city. And since you can get on and off as often as you want, it's a great option for getting around in Valencia and visiting all the landmarks. 

The only thing you have to decide is whether you prefer a 24- or 48-hour ticket. Well, that and the likely possibility that when you come to Valencia, the Touristic Bus will offer a discount to people with the Valencia Tourist Card. Check it out before you travel. 

Valencia Bus Turistic




Mestalla Tour VCF

If you're into football/soccer, the guided tour of Mestalla is another activity you can do in Valencia that is sure to be a big hit with the little ones in the house, and especially with teenagers. 

Valencia CF is the fourth oldest club in Spain, and the fifth with the most national and international titles. It's almost as much a part of Valencia's culture as paella. 

The guided Mestalla Forever Tour takes you to the press room, the players' locker rooms, the exit tunnel to the field of play, and you get to see the trophies up close. 

When you go, don't forget to greet the bat at the front of the stadium with the traditional Amunt Valencia! 






Backstage Tour of Oceanogràfic  

Learning the ins and outs of Europe's largest aquarium is an exciting experience that is only possible in Valencia. 

Every day at 12:30 p.m., l'Oceanogràfic offers a tour of the quarantine area, where you can see in person the young animals, before they are ready to be added to the tanks in the exhibit area. 

You can also see how the water that is pumped in directly from the Mediterranean Sea every day is filtered and monitored to ensure the best conditions for the animals. 

And the most exciting thing about the Backstage Tour: walking above the shark tunnel, with dozens of sharks at your feet! 





Sleeping surrounded by sharks 

And speaking of sharks ... Can you imagine sleeping surrounded by them? 

At l'Oceanogràfic, you can spend the night in the Oceános habitat tunnel and rest under the watchful eyes of sharks. 

This is without a doubt a great activity to do in Valencia with children. It includes group games upon arrival, dinner, spending the night in the shark tunnel, breakfast at the Oceanos Restaurant and a free visit to l'Oceanogràfic the next day. 

Note that this activity is not always available, so check before putting it on the list of things to do in Valencia with your children. 

Information and reservations: 902 100 031

Tiburones Oceanogràfic




L’Espai dels Xiquets

If you have children ages 3 to 8, L'Espai dels Xiquets inside the Science Museum is great fun. They get to play games and experience for themselves activities involving the senses, water and animals. 

Guided by instructors, they have fun playing in a space with crazy mirrors, they temporarily become a baby kangaroo, and even build an unfinished house using cranes and wheelbarrows. 

It's all in keeping with the museum's motto: "Do touch, think and feel". 

Museo de las Ciencias




Bike Tour 

Another perfect activity to do in Valencia with children is to rent bicycles and take advantage of how flat it is to go, for example, from the city center to any of its urban beaches at your own pace. 

And if you prefer, there are various guided tours on wheels that give you a different perspective on the city. This activity does require the children to be at least 8 years old and to know how to ride a bike. 

In any case, the good weather almost every day of the year, the flat terrain and an ever-growing bike path make seeing Valencia with children by bicycle a fun option. 

jardín del Turia





Still want more? 

If you want to know what you can visit in Valencia with children, here are some suggestions. 

And don't forget to buy your València Tourist Card to move around the city for free. You also get free admission to municipal museums and monuments, and discounts of up to 50% on tourist and leisure services. 



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