Many couples who want to be parents but are unable to conceive look outside their home county to achieve their dream. Its legislation makes Spain a popular destination among Europeans to do so. In this regard, Valencia has much to offer, with fertility clinics specializing in assisted reproduction, in vitro fertilization, complex cases and male fertility problems, among other things.



Valencia is the ideal place to lead a healthy lifestyle, including sport, but that carries certain risks. For any ailment arising from physical activity, the city has medical centres and hospitals specializing in traumatology, rehabilitation and orthopaedics, with top-flight facilities in these disciplines.



Good oral and dental health is essential, but not everyone has access to dental treatment in their home country. More affordable prices, excellent professionals and financing options are just some of the factors that lead international patients to seek out dental clinics beyond their borders.



Medical excellence and price are among the reasons international patients seek out an ophthalmology clinic in a country other than their country of origin. In Valencia, we have well-respected professionals with more than enough training to tackle the pathologies involved in this discipline.



Beauty and dermatology treatments are some of the most sought-after among Europeans. The importance of beauty and all anti-aging treatments is clear, and Valencia is more than prepared to respond to the needs of one of the most coveted specialities.  



There are injuries or illnesses that cause aches and pains. Treating pain appropriately to improve a patient's quality of life is the primary goal of many medical professionals



Wellbeing has become an essential concept, important for both people with pathologies and those who want to prevent them. It is the perfect complement to any medical treatment, and Valencia has a number of options.



Being over the recommended weight puts you at a greater risk of certain pathologies, including diabetes, heart disease and even some types of cancer. In Valencia, in addition to a healthy lifestyle and cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet, we have excellent professionals who can help you reduce the risks that result in overweight.



The consequences of stroke, trauma and any neurological problem are often very severe. Fortunately, in Valencia we have medical facilities specializing in this discipline that set the standard at a national and international level.