Why come to Valencia for medical care

Valencia, capital of the Valencian Community, combines the vitality of a major city with the convenience of short distances.

Home to Mediterranean traditions, surrounded by sea and farmland, its outdoor lifestyle, hours of sunshine, climate and cuisine, among other things, make it a healthy city.

Well positioned as a tourist destination and considered a perfect city for foreign residents to make their home, it has everything needed to be a health tourism destination.

The city boasts excellent respected health professionals who are internationally known in their specialities. It also has medical facilities and hospitals where innovation, technology and research are key elements.


What will you find as a patient in Valencia?

  • Fine medical professionals: Valencia is noted for the quality and professionalism of its medical doctors in the specialities most sought after by patients who decide to obtain treatment outside their immediate area. 
  • Easy transport links: as the third largest city in Spain, Valencia's connectivity with major hubs provides excellent transport connections with other Spanish cities, as well as European and other international destinations. 
  • A city with cultural, culinary, tourism and shopping options to perfectly complement your recovery and provide a more pleasant stay for both you and your companions.
  • Affordable prices without sacrificing medical quality and excellenceBecause your health comes first, you will be able to receive treatment with excellent top professionals at very competitive prices.
  • You will receive attentive, friendly care, part of our Mediterranean nature. It is important for you to know that the care you will receive will make you feel at home.
  • València Health programme allows you to locate medical facilities and hospitals to help you resolve your health problem.


What will you find as a facilitator?

  • Excellent medical professionals who not only stand out for their medical excellence but also meet the quality standards required to care for international patients.
  • Facilities
  • Valencia offers an extensive selection of accommodation options fully prepared to meet your clients’ needs.
  • Service companies highly trained to meet any specific patient need.
  • In addition to excellent, internationally renowned professionals, your clients will benefit from competitive prices that are more affordable than in their countries of origin, without sacrificing quality.
  • Facilities and hospitals equipped with the latest technology.
  • Comprehensive complementary offerings and a healthy environment make for a more than satisfactory patient experience.


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