Instituto Musculoesquelético Europeo (IMSKE)

Calle Suiza, 11 46024 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Sea towns, Marina and beaches

The IMSKE Hospital is a monographic center for musculoskeletal pathology. Its medical team is made up of traumatologists, rehabilitation doctors, pain specialists, physical therapists and podiatrists. They also have the collaboration of doctors in Physical Education and Sports Sciences. Conceived by Dr. Ignacio Muñoz -traumatologist who has treated international elite athletes- IMSKE constitutes a revolutionary concept in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathology: accompany the patient until his total recovery without pain. Ten floors equipped with state-of-the-art equipment make up the IMSKE Hospital. Two complete plants are equipped with infrastructure and specific material - in addition to a heated indoor pool - for rehabilitation Focused, in addition to healthcare coverage, research and teaching, today IMSKE is the only hospital option with 100% Valencian capital.



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