Cabanyal Market

Carrer de Martí Grajales, 4, 46011 València, Valencia

We now come to the area of Valencia closest to the coast, the neighbourhoods of El Cabanyal and El Canyamelar, which until the late 19th century were an independent town, El Poble Nou de la Mar. As the home of fishermen, they have always looked to the Mediterranean. The essence of the past can still be discerned in the grid pattern of its particular urban development, recalling the original layout of the early huts erected parallel to the sea. The market is also instilled with this same flavour. It tastes of bonito, calamari, fresh baby squid, meagre, dentex, red scorpionfish, pandora, zebra sea bream, grey gurnard and many more species, often caught quite close to Valencia's beaches. An accurate representation of what this space offers is one of its most classic stalls, Pescados Bianca, which has been serving its many local customers, who sometimes come from far away, for four generations, with an endless array of fresh products and a salty aroma. The market's preserved and salted foods are also worth the trip. And if you don't agree, take it up with those who frequent Aceituna y Salazones Ginés Ponce or Salazones y Conservas Chimo Gay. 

The market's current site, which dates from 1958 and was recently remodelled, is a spacious building, with all the conveniences we have come to expect today. It occupies 3500 m2 and currently houses over 150 shopping stalls. Its modernity does not rule out nods to the best of a long past, which still remains in the memory of inhabitants of this part of Valencia. The outside area, specifically along the façade on Martí Grajales Street, is still the spot where farmers from nearby areas can sell their wares at what is known as the Tira de Contar. The shopping stalls with produce brought directly from the fields make it special, as this is one of the two markets in the city which offer this feature: direct sales from farmer to consumer (Thursday–Saturday, 8.00am–2.00pm).


  • Business schedule
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 07:00 to 15:00
  • Closing days: Sunday


Carrer de Martí Grajales, 4, 46011 València, Valencia, España

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