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Six walking tours of Devesa

Not sure how to start exploring L'Albufera? Began at La Devesa, a section of the spit separating the park's lagoon from the Mediterranean Sea. You can choose from six trails that can only be donde on foot to investigate the local flora, landscapes and history. There are also various trails to explore the entire park whichever way you like: on foot or by bicycle. And if you download one of the audioguides (available in Spanish and English) to your mobile, you can enhance your visit with valuable information and appreciate this incredible natural environment even more.

For your convenience, Visit Albufera offers bike hire so you can tour the park on your own, organizes guided walking and bike tours, and has combination tours with a boat ride. There are even lunches or dinners while you're aboard. What more could you ask for! 


1. Botanical Trail

La Devesa offers a wealth of botanical varieties, with dense brushy vegetation and pine woods. This trail provides the opportunity to experience a diversity of species, including heather, Aleppo pines, mastic trees, rosemary and honeysuckle. Take in the diversity of species such as heather, carrasco pine, lentiscus, rosemary and honeysuckle on this 800-meter route. 


2. Trail of the Senses 

Engage all your senses to take in the varied colours of the scenery, smell the aromatic plants along the route, enjoy the contrast between rough pine bark and fine sand, listen to the singing of the birds, and sample tender asparagus or even the chewable resin of the mastic tree.  All on a 300-meter route.


3. History Trail. El Saler 

This trail will reveal the origins of the name of El Saler, a village whose inhabitants have utilized the local natural resources throughout their history, and the custom of visiting Muntanyar de la Mona for the traditional Easter cake.  Find out the origin of the name of the town of El Saler on this 600-meter route.


4. History Trail. Gola de Pujol 

This trail will reveal how to guess the age of the trees using the rings in their trunks. Discover what the sluice gates of L'Albufera are used for, how the golas (canals) are formed, and the importance of eel fishing and rice farming in the park. On this 730-meter route, learn to guess the age of trees using the rings of their trunks


5. Beach Recreational Trail 

The line of dunes you see has not always been there. Efforts to restore the dunes, vegetation and fauna have been underway since the late 1990s. Enjoy a walk along the beach, respect your surroundings and take the opportunity to sample the traditional local cuisine at one of the restaurants with a direct sea view.  It's a two-kilometer route. 


6. Scenic Trail 

The longest trail in La Devesa, at 4 kilometers, includes one of the area's most characteristic features: the malladas. These are depressions between the dunes among the pine woods that usually fill with water during the rainy season, but the water evaporates, and they dry up in the summer months, changing the landscape enormously. This trail also features some curious structures, including the Casa del Forestal (ranger's house) and Venta de Toros (corral for fighting bulls), no longer in use. 

Bike routes

From Valencia to the Gola de Puchol viewpoint  

There is a convenient bike lane running from the City of Arts and Sciences to L’Albufera Natural Park. A sustainable way to get to this unique ecosystem and follow whichever trail you like at your own pace. It's 15 kilometers long and can be traveled in approximately 45 minutes. 

L’Albufera Bicycle Loop Trail 

If you're up for the challenge, you can ride the Vuelta a l'Albufera, a 78-kilometer circular bike route from Valencia, crossing the rice fields and marshes and the coastal Mediterranean forest, and exploring the ports and fishing villages around the lagoon. The route is not signposted and runs mostly along farming roads, so we recommend downloading the tracks of the route, which vary by season, due to the state of cultivation of the rice fields. If you decide on this last itinerary by bike, don't forget to wear a cap and sun protection, take water and avoid the hottest hours, because there is no shade. Respect the private property and working farmers. 

Route from El Palmar to Portet de Sollana

A 16-km round trip that crosses rice fields. 400 meters from Portet is the Mirador de Mília, with stunning views of L'Albufera. 

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Na Molins Route: El Palmar-Muntanyeta dels Sants

Another of the best views of the park is available from Muntanyeta dels Sants, where the second tour that we're suggesting ends. 25 kilometers that also start from El Palmar. 

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El Palmar to L'Estell route

If you're looking for a comfortable route for beginners, we recommend the walk from El Palmar to L'Estell. It's an easy round-trip walk of under 6 kilometers to see the rice fields around El Palmar.

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