Starlight Destinations in Valencia: an astronomical experience

Gazing at a starry sky is a privilege that you can still afford in Valencia. We have two Starlight destinations less than an hour from the city: the Alto Turia and Tierra Bobal. In total there are 14 towns untouched by light pollution and every night they offer an astronomical spectacle that is well worth a getaway. If you are especially sensitive to the environment and the sustainability of the planet, and above all, if you are looking for unique experiences or special activities with children, this is the perfect option: visiting a Starlight destination!  


Starlight destinations: where to stargaze from 

The Starlight Foundation is an organisation created by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias under the umbrella of UNESCO, IAU (International Astronomical Union) and the World Tourism Organisation. This institution certifies areas with suitable conditions for Astrotourism and Astronomical Observation so that access to starlight is a right for everyone. This seal is awarded to those areas in which a commitment is made to defend the quality of the night sky. In other words, these are places with unique and special spots where you can enjoy stargazing, as is the case in the Alto Turia and Tierra Bobal districts. 


Dreamlike skies in the Alto Turia region

The Alto Turia is located in the interior of the province of Valencia, in the area of Los Serranos, less than an hour from the city. The passage of the upper course of the river Turia, which serves as a link between the association of municipalities formed by Aras de los Olmos, Benagéber, Chelva, Titaguas and Tuéjar, is the origin of this denomination. 

Aras de los Olmos is a charming town and has an ideal environment for observing the firmament in the best conditions, as the sky remains clear and transparent, and is considered to be one of the cleanest on the planet. There are several astronomical observatories: La Cambra, headquarters of the Astronomical Association AstroARAs; the Alto Turia, with visits, talks and excursions from Valencia and the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia, where they also organise guided visits from April to September. 

Observatorio Alto Turia


The village of Titaguas is home to the Escuela de Ciencias Cosmofísica, Cosmophysics Science School), where they organise activities for families and groups, and the open-air La Loma Astronomical Viewpoint is there. 

nebulosa medusa


In Chelva you can find the El Remedio Astronomical Viewpoint and you can also gaze at the starry sky freely anywhere in the Alto Turia, as well as in Tuéjar and Benagéber, municipalities where, although there is no infrastructure for astronomical observation, you can enjoy the stars from almost any of their mountains. 




Tierra Bobal 

Under the umbrella name of Tierra Bobal, nine Valencian municipalities are united by a winemaking culture that goes back more than 2,500 years. Camporrobles, Caudete de las Fuentes, Chera, Fuenterrobles, Requena, Sinarcas, Utiel, Venta del Moro and Villargordo del Cabriel also have the largest area of forests in the province of Valencia. 

The altitude of the Tierra Bobal sites, the totally clean air and the low light pollution make it easy to observe the night sky, meaning it possible to see the stars, planets and other celestial bodies. 

Although there are still no astronomical observatories, every municipality has a special place to discover planets, stars and constellations. There are several viewpoints in Tierra Bobal that can be considered privileged spots, in spectacular places and on high ground, where the celestial vault is shown in all its splendour. Choose yours, combine it with any of the wines of the area and enjoy the experience! 


circumpolar sobre torre del telégrafo del cerro de la Jedrea


Tierra Bobal Viewpoints 

  • Fuente del Junco (Villargordo del Cabriell)
  • Torre del telégrafo del Romeroso (Villargordo del Cabriel) 
  • Hoz de Vicente (Venta del Moro) 
  • Balcón de La Derrubiada (Venta del Moro) 
  • Mirador de la Fonseca (Venta del Moro) 
  • Peña de las Grajas (Sinarcas) 
  • Sierra de la Bicuerca (Fuenterrobles) 
  • Torre del telégrafo de La Bicuerca (Fuenterrobles) 
  • Torre del telégrafo Fuente de la Jedrea (Requena) 
  • Torre del telégrafo La Atalaya de Requena (Requena) 
  • Torre del telégrafo El Rebollar (Requena) 
  • Atalaya de Caudete (Caudete de las Fuentes) 
  • Castillo de Chera (Chera) 
  • Pico del Remedio (Utiel) 
  • El Molón (Camporrobles) 


Embalse de Contreras Villargordo del Cabriel


Many of the Starlight municipalities are also Biosphere Reserves thanks to the biodiversity of their soils and vegetation and the great variety of fauna that lives there. Visit them for one reason or other, you choose, but don't miss them! 



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