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València is home to two leading international facilities that bring together the oceanic mass and the fauna of Africa. These are, respectively, the Oceanogràfic and the Bioparc. Not only do they allow us to appreciate the great variety of fauna on the planet, but they also take part in different programmes for the conservation and care of wounded local species and those in danger of extinction. This type of intervention is crucial for maintaining the health of the wild species in our environment. By paying your entrance fee or season ticket to enjoy both centres you are also helping to finance all the activities they carry out.

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The Oceanogràfic, through its Foundation, carries out important actions that directly affect the natural environment and its species, by restoring damaged ecosystems, rescuing animals and monitoring the natural environment as a whole. The care of sick or injured marine fauna, which is taken care of by its Marine Fauna Recovery Centre, known as the Arca del Mar, is one of its main lines of direct action and also responds to a social demand in response to the appearance of emblematic species, principally cetaceans, turtles and sharks, that end up stranded on our coasts.

embarcación con la suelta de tortugas de oceanografic



Bioparc València

Bioparc València is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, an institution whose mission is to promote cooperation between the continent's zoos and aquariums with wildlife conservation programmes. The Valencian space is especially active through programmes such as the reproduction of endangered species or keeping registers of species. At Bioparc there are several endangered animals, such as the pygmy hippopotamus, the leopard, and the bongo (a type of antelope). The result of all these actions is then passed on Valencian schoolchildren and all visitors to the park through specific workshops and motivational talks.


World Wide Fund for Nature

The València group of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) carries out activities to raise awareness and disseminate information about existing environmental problems. It also carries out actions to restore degraded ecosystems in the province. One of the most important fauna conservation programmes it carries out is the updating of birdlife censuses, as well as awareness-raising actions and campaigns with national and international impact. Would you like to join us?



The Racó de l'Olla is an area located in the heart of the Parc Natural de l'Albufera, right between the wetlands and the Devesa. In this enclave there is an important nature reserve of great botanical and ornithological interest.

Racó de l'Olla

Its interpretation centre helps the general public to get to know the native birds and migratory birds that pass through, at the same time as it builds a collective conscience about the care of our animals. The nearby La Granja del Saler Recovery Centre takes in and recovers all those native wild animals that for various reasons have lost the ability to function normally in the wild. The Institut Valencià de la Joventut (The Valencian Institute for Youth) is promoting a volunteer programme on orphaned birds together with this centre. If you are young and want to help.


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