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Participates in sustainable initiatives in Valencia

València is a city that is committed to preserving the environment. There are many public and private bodies that promote ecological sustainability through voluntary actions. Their aim is to reduce waste, take care of natural spaces and educate citizens in values. Get to know these initiatives that we present you with here, there are many more and, if you feel like it and you can, collaborate with one of them.

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One of the organisations that puts this way of thinking into practice most is the Spanish Red Cross. It runs a long list of projects throughout the year, and you can do your bit by signing up to its volunteer network.

Their work ranges from raising awareness about the uncontrolled accumulation of waste or, as they call it, "rubbish dumps", to the fight to remedy energy poverty. Through awareness-raising talks, they help vulnerable families to reduce consumption in their homes and thus contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. Nor should we forget the summer campaign to prevent forest fires in the Devesa. 



The BIOagradables Association is a group of volunteer environmental activists. Since 2012 their main activity has focused on organising monthly beach clean-ups, which they see as a tool for raising direct awareness of our impact on the natural environment. If you would like to be part of their action plan and start leaving the beaches spotless, let them know at info@bioagradables.org

As well as this, they organise talks and workshops on environmental education for schools (primary and secondary) and lectures for the general public.



"For an Albufera without plastic" is action taken along much the same lines, financed by the Sociedad de Agricultores de la Vega (La Vega Farmers’ Society), in collaboration with the Red Cross, so that volunteers from both organisations can help in the conservation of València's most precious wetland. Through this project, the aim is to make progress both in cleaning up the Natural Park and in social-awareness raising, to avoid the impact of waste on its environment.



The American Space in València is a centre for learning and disseminating the language and culture of the United States. It depends on the US State Department and is open to all types of cooperation, including the private sector, universities, schools and other civil society groups. It also collaborates with numerous NGOs and associations to meet, through volunteers, the needs of different groups in need. If you would like to help, do not hesitate to contact them.



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