Valencia City Beaches

El Cabanyal Beach and La Malvarrosa Beach

Walking to the beach: Cabanyal, Malvarrosa and Patacona

These are the beaches of the city of Valencia, a stone's throw from the centre and its many attractions. They are wide sandy beaches with all kinds of facilities. Over three and a half kilometres distance, you will have all the services you could wish for your comfort. Without interruption. These are the Cabanyal, the southernmost, Malvarrosa and Patacona beaches, which, although belonging to the neighbouring village of Alboraia, is also very close. From the nearby Marina de València, you have a lateral view of this wide strip of fine sandy coastline and a sparkling sea with small fish at your feet.


Easily accessible and with a lot of fun

The access to these beaches is very easy. You have the city bus and metro network, the bicycle path, the private car with ample parking in the area and even the possibility to walk. Treat yourself to the fun! And if you like walking and keeping your body moving, you have this wonderful promenade that connects the Cabanyal and Malvarrosa beaches. If you want to do more than just walk, at the Marina de València you have access to all the water sports and physical activities you can imagine around the sea. You will also find two unique infrastructures: the beach volleyball complex and the Malvarrosa reef. And don't set yourself any limits when it comes to enjoying sporting activities, because you will have no problem enjoying culinary delights when it comes to regaining your strength. From the Marina de València to Patacona beach, you will find some of the best restaurants to taste the specialities of this land: the Senyoret rice (with seafood already peeled), the Paella Valènciana, grilled cuttlefish, black rice and, in general, the specialities of the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine with the best products of the sea and of the nearby "huerta", the fruit and vegetable orchard.


But the leisure activities go much further. Cafés, pubs and discos are in abundance, so only you can decide when your day ends. And if you stay in one of the cosy hotels at the foot of the beach, you won't have to worry about anything else.