Calle Eolo, 7 46021 València

TOURISTIC AREA: City of Arts and Alameda


Apicius is the fruit of our unique perspective on food and cooking. We like to make food that has clean flavours and sharp aromas, and try to preserve traditional flavours. We enjoy selecting and preparing the excellent produce that our region has to offer. In our opinion, food should be prepared precisely and painstakingly, always prioritising the ingredients above all else. In other words, we believe that our dishes serve as a vehicle for showcasing the best of each ingredient.At Apicius we are firmly committed to healthy, seasonal Mediterranean cuisine. We strive to transmit our love and passion for cooking with each dish we prepare in our kitchen.Our restaurant offers dishes with clean flavours and sharp aromas. We have two Repsol suns and are located in Valencia’s Aragón district. We cook with natural, seasonal produce and work hard to preserve traditional flavours. We are faithful to the bounty that the seasons, the sea and the land provide us.  

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