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Valencia is unique for infinite reasons, let us tell you just a few!

València is one of those destinations that never disappoints. And whatever the time of year, there will always be a good reason to come and visit. Choose yours and plan an unforgettable trip! 

For Its 300 days of sunshine

Valencia offers 300 days of sun per year with an average temperature of almost 18ºC. The perfect climate to discover the city, while walking under blue skies and stopping now and again at a sunny terrace. A plan so simple that you’ll love!  




For Its Mediterranean cuisine

Although paella is an international dish, you probably haven’t tried one as good as the ones here. So, don’t leave without having a real Valencian paella and discovering all that our cuisine has to offer: all types of rice dishes, traditional fish and seafood stews, excellent wines, horchata (with pastry fartons to dip, of course) and spectacular citrus fruits. Is your mouth watering just reading about it? Don’t miss Valencia Cuina Oberta Restaurant Week, the city’s most important gastronomic event.   




For Its beaches

What more can you ask of a city with more than 300 days of sun? Beaches, of course, and with blue flags to make them even better! In Valencia there’s 7 kilometres of beach to choose from, whether you prefer the fun of urban beaches, with all types of services and a great atmosphere or the tranquillity of natural beaches at the l'Albufera Park.  




For Its lifestyle

Valencian people love the sun as much as the moon. That’s why we make the most of the good weather “terracing” with a beer and something to nibble. And when the sun sets, you’ll find us in the diverse places that give Valencian nights their deserved reputation. Then, if it ends up being a long night, it’s always a good idea to have a good “almorzaret” (Valencian brunch) before relaxing.  In València, thousands of people soak up the sun all year round at an outdoor bar or café, while having a few tapas and a glass of wine or cold beer. And at night… there are lots of different kinds of scenes in the various nightlife areas, from the hotspots in the old town, to those by the sea or in the student areas.




For Its festivals and traditions

Noise, music, gunpowder, colour and creativity are the main components of our celebrations. And in Valencia, there’s always something to celebrate! From 15th to 19th March, the city is taken over by Fallas celebrations (declared Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO), although there are other celebrations that shouldn’t be missed either: Semana Santa Marinera (Easter week by the sea), the Virgen de los Desamparados move, the Valencian Corpus and the July Festival. Make a note in your diary!  




For Its green spaces

València is full of surprises, like the river that has been transformed into a lush 9-kilometre-long park through the city for all types of leisure activities and sports. The old river bed of the River Turia is a meeting point for Valencian people and tourists which can be enjoyed from morning to evening. Another of our most iconic and interesting natural spaces is l'Albufera Park, just 10 km away from the centre. There are spectacular sunsets there, which can be enjoyed even more with a boat trip.  




For Its 2000 years of history

Founded in 138B.C. by the Romans, València is an overlap of Roman, Visigothic, Muslim and Medieval cultures. Indications of this are iconic monuments such as the Silk Exchange (declared a Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO), the Almoina, The Serrranos and Quart towers and the Cathedral. Beyond the architectural, the Tribunal de las Aguas (founded in the year 1000 and recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, is a vestige of the past which can be witnessed every Thursday at 12 pm under the Apostles Gate at the Cathedral of València.  




For being an avant-garde symbol

València is a constantly evolving city. A city that showcases its historic past while being adventurous with large 21st century constructions. If you are interested in architecture, then the City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava, the Convention Centre by Norman Foster and the Veles e Vents building by David Chipperfield are musts. Other modern spaces worth visiting are the MUVIM museum, the Exhibition Centre (Feria Valencia), the Palau de la Música and the IVAM museum.  




For its hidden corners

València is much more than what is shown in guide books. So get your camera and keep your eyes peeled to discover hidden places like the Plaza Redonda, the Santa Catalina church, located in the same square as the most narrow building in Europe, the San Nicolás church, the clock that hangs at the Santos Juanes church, the baptismal font of San Vicente in the parish of San Esteban or the alligator that can be found above the door of the Patriarca church. Your photos are sure to be a hit on Instagram!



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