The Fallas in Valencia begin

Valencia | 20.02.2024 | 11:26

Plan your visit to the Nino exhibit, take in a mascletá from a balcony, or book your guided visit and ticket to the fallas of the Special Section

Valencia is already enjoying the 2024 Fallas. This unique and authentic celebration, declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage, is already being felt on the streets of the city, and you don't have to wait for the big week (from March 16 to 19) to soak in the Fallas atmosphere. Visitors can already find various signs and events associated with this year's fallas, and the starting gun will sound on March 3rd as the celebrations kick off with the traditional Crida. 

Here are the fallas experiences already on tap in the city: 

  • Ninot Exhibit: This event provides a unique opportunity to see some of the ninots from this year's fallas up close, specifically those that are in the running for a pardon. Visitors can vote for their favorite to save it from the flames and preserve it for posterity in the Fallas Museum. Open from February 2 to March 15, at the Museum of Science, in the City of Arts and Sciences. 

  • La Crida: On March 3rd at 7:00 pm, in front of the Serranos Towers, the senior fallas associations of Valencia make a universal call to enjoy the Fallas, inviting residents and visitors alike to join the party. There will also be music and fireworks, but first, at the usual time, a mascletá will be set off in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.  

  • Daily mascletá: From March 1 to 19, Plaza del Ayuntamiento will rumble (literally) every day at 2:00 pm with the mascletá, which is a pyrotechnic show like no other, one where the sound and rhythm of the explosions, and the smell of gunpowder, ramp up to an epic finale. The crowds are usually smaller in the first half of the month, especially on weekdays, and you can book a balcony from which to enjoy a different perspective. 

  • Pyrotechnic shows: In addition to the mascletá, on weekends (March 2-3 and March 8-10) there are also nightly pyrotechnic shows in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 

For those who prefer to come and enjoy the big days of the Fallas, now is also the time to plan your visit to get the most out of it. You can book a guided tour to guarantee access to the best Fallas monuments, while learning more about this tradition. You can also book tickets to visit the fallas of the Special Section, which includes the most important commissions in the city. Whichever you choose, you can go inside the structures and see all their details up close. 


The festival schedule also includes music, pyrotechnic shows and the emotional offering of flowers to Our Lady of the Helpless, as well as spectacular bonfires that consume the monuments erected in the streets and squares of Valencia on the night of March 19: the cremá that puts an end to the Fallas. The full program, as well as more information and suggestions for enjoying the party, can be found here


Falla convento Jerusalen 2021
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From March 1st to March 19th, don't miss the schedule of events for the Fallas of Valencia. Follow all our recommendations to enjoy, like a true "fallero," all the events, shows, and monuments of the Fallas.

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