Valencia, chosen as a Creative City by UNESCO

The city will be part of the network in the "Design" category | 02.11.2023 | 12:34

UNESCO has selected Valencia to be a part of the Creative Cities Network in the "Design" category. The city, which was already the World Design Capital in 2022, further solidifies international recognition of local design and creativity as one of the main attractions for visiting Valencia.

With this addition to the network, which includes around 350 cities from around the world, Valencia commits to sharing its best creative practices with other cities reciprocally. It also aims to develop joint projects that contribute to sustainable urban development worldwide, taking into account challenges such as climate change, increasing inequality, and growing urbanization.

Valencia joins the design category alongside cities like Helsinki, Berlin, Montreal, Graz, Detroit, Budapest, Kaunas, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Doha, Bangkok, Mexico City, Seoul, and Brasilia. In the Valencian Community, other examples of creative cities can be found, such as Dénia in the "Gastronomy" category, Manises for "Crafts and Popular Arts," and Llíria in the "Music" category.

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