Valencia receives awards for the best vegetarian restaurants in the world

| 26.10.2023 | 13:50

The prestigious organization We're Smart World has published the list of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world for 2023, which sees Ricard Camarena in seventh position and La Salita, by Begoña Rodrigo, in 16th, and seven other restaurants in the city are also recommended. 

Valencia is experiencing an unstoppable rise on the world's culinary scene. This is evidenced by the awards and recognitions received by various chefs and projects in the city. And it's also triumphing and cementing itself as a green and sustainable gastronomic destination. Eating healthy, delicious and sustainable food is a challenge that Valencia has met, which is why it's home to the FAO's World Sustainable Urban Food Centre.

More and more Valencian restaurants are relying on local products from the farmland that surrounds the city. An example of this are the restaurants that the We're Smart Green guide has named among the best in the world. The winners of the 2023 We're Smart Awards include two from Valencia, and a further seven are recommended.

Begoña Rodrigo, from La Salita, won the award for the best vegetarian chef in Europe and the second best in the world. Her restaurant also placed 16th in the world ranking of restaurants prepared by We're Smart World.
For its part, Ricard Camarena Restaurant stands out as the seventh best vegetarian restaurant in the world, placing in the Top 10 of the We're Smart Green Guide for the third year running.

This guide, in addition to the 100 Best Gourmet Vegetables Restaurants, which is published each year after visiting and evaluating restaurants around the world, contains more recommended restaurants. Bouet, El Poblet, Gallina Negra, Habitual, Riff, Saiti and Vuelve Carolina are also on the list, making the city very appealing for lovers of vegetarian cuisine.

As a result, a total of nine restaurants in Valencia are listed in the 2023 We're Smart Green Guide.