Bombas Gens shelter

Av. de Burjassot, 54

TOURISTIC AREA: Palace of Congresses

This underground refuge was discovered during restoration work on the Bombas Gens hydraulic pump factory in 2017. 

Although it is known that in times of need, some civilians ended up sheltering there, it was built to protect workers from air and sea attacks by the Nationalists. 

The interest in bombing Bombas Gens is explained by the fact that during the war, its furnaces halted their regular production of pieces for hydraulic machinery and shifted to construction of combat equipment such as mortar shells and other ammunition. 

This reinforced concrete shelter has space for 40 people, but there are no long benches to sit on while waiting out the threat. Nor were there toilets. 

However, what we do have are various signs with rules of conduct clearly intended for adults. They include: No smoking or spitting. This may seem a little shocking to us now, but it was understandable in those days. These signs are written in indigo in a typeface typical of the time. 

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