World Paella Day: the international day of paella

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Every September 20, coinciding with the rice harvest, Valencians celebrate International Paella Day, the date on which we praise this delicious dish of Valencian cuisine and share it with the rest of the world.

On the same day, in the Marina de Valencia, ten chefs from different parts of the world will fire up their stoves and get ready to compete for the World Paella Day Cup 2022: the prize for the best paella in the world prepared by an international chef.

Beyond Valencia, cities such as Mumbai, Toronto, Helsinki and Canton have also organized various special activities to celebrate it. World Paella Day is a huge celebration worldwide!

And you can take part in this event without leaving home :)

Simply prepare a paella to your liking, share it on social media with the hashtag #worldpaelladay and help make this universal dish go viral.

Don't worry about the recipe, make it to your liking!

Yes, we know that in Valencia, in some areas it's made with peas, in others with meatballs, some use red pepper... So it's sometimes difficult to define what a traditional paella is exactly: every town will say theirs is the real one.

Despite this, regardless of the variety of recipes and ingredients, the paella has crossed borders, becoming one of the most recognized international delicacies on the planet, so the most important thing is to celebrate it globally on its special day.

So feel free to join in.

No matter where in the world you live, your September 20 menu is set: a nice plate of paella to celebrate the day of this gastronomic jewel... And enjoy!

Oh! Don't forget to tag your photo with #worldpaelladay.

Bon profit!

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