The Night of the Plantà of the Fallas

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The Night of the Installation of the Fallas

On the night of March 15th to 16th, the "plantà" (installation of the fallas) takes place, and the falleros gather to work throughout the night assembling the monument (the falla) to have it completed by early morning on the 16th.

The night of March 15th to 16th is a period of intense activity. The falleros work tirelessly because all the fallas installed in València must be completed by early morning on the 16th. On that day, a jury awards the best ones and selects the "ninot indultat" (the funniest painted sculpture), the only one that will be spared from the flames during the Cremà (the day when the entire monument is burned).

When is the "plantà" (installation of the fallas)?

Large Fallas: Night of March 15th, starting at midnight.

Children's Fallas: March 15th at 8:00 am.

How is a Falla installed?

Watching the installation of a Falla is quite a spectacle. To install the largest fallas, cranes are needed to construct them piece by piece, which must be fitted together with great precision. It begins with the central part, and once completed, the various ninots (small painted sculptures) that decorate the main sculpture are added.

The more traditional fallas use the technique called "plantà al tombe" (installation lying down). They lay the falla flat on the ground, and with leverage, it is lifted solely with the strength of people and the help of ropes.


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