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TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

On March 16 and 17, the Awards for the best Fallas will be presented in Plaza del Ayuntamiento

It's an event where, if you drop by Plaza del Ayuntamiento or adjacent streets, you will enjoy the marching bands and the colorful costumes of the fallas participants as they march to the grandstand set up in the plaza to collect their award. 

The Fallas is a festival of International Tourist Interest for multiple reasons, including the spectacular monuments, some 800 huge works of art, between the large and children's versions, that will grace the streets of Valencia during Fallas week.

800 ephemeral monuments - don't forget that they are set on fire on March 19 every year - into which specialized artists pour all their creativity to give them shape and content.

This great undertaking, which starts from scratch each year, is rewarded with prizes for the best monuments - except for the Plaza del Ayuntamiento Falla, which is not in the competition because it is the falla of the whole city, of all Valencians.

With such a large number of fallas, you're probably wondering if all the commissions compete equally.

They don't; they are divided into categories called sections, which go from the Special Section, containing the ones with the largest budget and size, followed by First A, First B, Second A, Second B, Third A, and so on. Up to 20 different sections! 

And the prizes are also awarded by category, of course.

What are the prizes for?

The prizes in each section are for the best monument, but there is also the Ingenuity and Grace award, the llibret (booklet) of each falla, the street lighting, the Ninot Parade and the Ninot Indultat (Pardoned Ninot, which is not burned). 

As you can imagine, the awards ceremony is a very exciting event for the commissions. To pick up their awards, they parade from their home base, dressed in their regional costume, to Plaza del Ayuntamiento to get their winning banner. And accompanying it all are marching bands.

So the street basically turns into a euphoric parade

On March 16 at 4:30 pm in the grandstand set up in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the prizes for the various sections of the children's fallas will be presented, as well as for the children's presentations, the Ninot Parade and the children's fallas booklets.

And on March 17 at 9:30 am in the same location, the awards will be presented for the large fallas in the different sections, as well as for the lighted street competition, presentations and fallas booklets.

After going to the grandstand, the fallas commissions return to their home base showing off their banners. There, they place them on the monument so everyone can admire their achievements.

Share in the excitement of the commissions and visit as many as you can on these very special days.


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    March 16 at 4:30 pm.

    March 17 at 9:30 am.

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    Plaza Ayuntamiento - 46002 València


Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia, España

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