Flower Offering of the Fallas festivities

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TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

The offering of flowers is the most emotional and exciting event of the Fallas.

The floral offering to the Virgen de los Desamparados in Valencia on the 17th and 18th of March, between 3:30 pm and midnight, constitutes the most emotional event of the festivities.

This is an important event in the life of any "fallero" or "fallera" (participants in the traditional celebration of Fallas), but also for anyone from this land. The devotion to the "Geperudeta," the affectionate term given by Valencians to their virgin, is an integral part of Valencian identity.

Therefore, this massive parade, divided into two days, is accompanied by a staging worthy of its roots: all the Fallas committees in the city, many from the metropolitan area of Valencia and towns in the province, parade through the city streets to the Plaza de la Virgen to offer flowers to the patroness of the Valencians.

There awaits them an immense reproduction of the "Geperudeta," whose mantle is dyed the color of the flowers; the thousands of "falleros" and "falleras" passing in front of the giant Virgen de los Desamparados hand over their bouquets to an experienced team that climbs the structure and strategically places them.

At the end of the two days, the mantle displays a harmonious tapestry of colorful flowers. In short, the result is wonderful; it is something that cannot be better explained. One has to see it to truly understand what it is about.

Witnessing the offering parade is easy as it goes through all the neighborhoods of Valencia. However, the most emotional part is the final stretch, where all the participating committees march through Calle de San Vicente and Calle de la Paz until they reach the Plaza de la Virgen.

Upon entering the square, few can resist being moved to tears. It's a unique moment.

As mentioned, it's difficult to comprehend if not seen live. If you decide to live the experience, you should know that both afternoons of the offering start at 3:30 pm and end around midnight – note that a parade of tens of thousands of people may experience some deviation in the finishing time.

At that same time, at midnight, as soon as the main "falleras" are available, the nighttime castle on the 17th and the "Nit del Foc" (Night of Fire) on the 18th begin in the Turia Gardens. Organize yourself to make it to everything, as it's worth it.


 Sunday, March 17th 


03:30 pm: Canyamelar-Grau-Natzaret 
04:30 pm: La Xerea 
05:00 pm: Rascaña 
06:30 pm: Camins al Grau 
08:15 pm: Ruzafa A 
09:15 pm: Ruzafa B 
10:00 pm: Pla del Reial Benimaclet 


03:30 pm: El Pilar-Sant Francesc 
04:30 pm: Patraix 
05:45 pm: La Seu-El Mercat 
06:15 pm: Botànic-La Petxina 
07:15 pm: Quart de Poblet-Xirivella 
08:45 pm: Jesús 
10:00 pm: Mislata 
11:15 pm: Cruz Cubierta 
12:30 am: Regional Houses 
12:40 am: Local Committees 
12:45 am: Falla of the Fallera Mayor Infantil de València, Marina García Arribas, Falla Manuel de Falla-Tamarindos 
12:50 am: Official Delegations from Burgos, Murcia, Castellón, and Alicante 
12:55 am: Last five Falleras Mayores Infantiles of Valencia 

Monday, March 18th 


03:30 pm: Algirós 
04:30 pm: Poblats Al Sud 
05:45 pm: Quatre Carreres 
07:15 pm: Pla del Remei-Gran Vía 
08:30 pm: Benimamet-Burjassot-Beniferri 
10:15 pm: Malvarrosa-Cabañal-Beteró 

03:30 pm: Zaidia 
05:00 pm: El Carmen 
05:45 pm: Benicalap 
07:00 pm: Campanar 
08:15 pm: La Roqueta-Arrancapins 
09:45 pm: Olivereta 
11:30 pm: Regional Houses 
11:40 pm: Invited Entities 
11:50 pm: Falla of the Fallera Mayor de Valencia, María Estela Arlandis Ferrando, Falla Obispo Jaime Pérez-Luis Oliag 
11:55 pm: Official Delegations from Burgos, Murcia, Castellón, and Alicante 
12:00 am: Last five Falleras Mayores de Valencia 
12:05 am: Fallera Mayor de Valencia, María Estela Arlandis Ferrando, and her Court of Honor. Accompanied by JCF members and the Municipal Band of Valencia. 


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Plaza de la Virgen, Plaça de la Verge, València, Spain

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