Enjoy the world's best chefs at the “50 Best Signature Sessions”

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A unique opportunity to try dishes from some of the restaurants on the 50 world's best list with Valencian chefs

It's a fact that “The World's 50 Best Restaurants” gala will bring to Valencia the best chefs in the world. But take note, because this event is invitation only.

Does that mean you'll have to miss out on the great flavors that are coming to town for the gala? 

Luckily, the answer is no!

That's because alongside this important event, there will also be the “50 Best Signature Sessions”, days full of haute cuisine where two chefs, one local and one international, will create a unique menu to enjoy every day, from June 18 to 21. 

Here are the events that will delight your palate: 


Riff + Steirereck 

An unparalleled dinner on Sunday, June 18 that will bring the most traditional dishes of Vienna, reinterpreted by the union of two great names. Riff, the Valencian restaurant with the most German flavor thanks to its chef, Bernd Knöller, and Steirereck, the most lauded restaurant in Vienna, which is on the list of the world's 50 best and is run by chef Heinz Reitbauer and his wife Birgit Reitbauer. Together they will create a set of meat and vegetable dishes that holds a pleasant surprise for all their guests. 



Arrels + A Casa do Porco 

The food on Monday, June 19 comes from the jewel of Brazilian cuisine, A Casa do Porco, and is the brainchild of Janaina and Jefferson Rueda; and the most traditional ingredients from Valencia's farmland, courtesy of Arrels, Vicky Sevilla's well-known restaurant. A complete culinary experience that celebrates women in haute cuisine, but always from a sustainable point of view. 



La Salita + Alain Ducasse y Dorchester 

On the night of Monday, June 19, the moonlight will illuminate the menu entitled "French Connection". A journey led by international culinary guru Alain Ducasse, Jean-Philippe Blondet, head chef at the Dorchester Hotel in London, and Valencian Begoña Rodrigo, which will take place in the heart of the Ruzafa district in the restaurant run by the latter. A dream dinner in a dream space: the indoor terrace of the La Salita restaurant. 



Fierro + Mauro Colagreco

On Tuesday, June 20, it will be Fierro Restaurant's turn, as it shares its kitchen with award-winning chefs Mauro Colagreco and Andrea Moscardino, from Ceto Restaurant, who will make magic together with the home team of Germán Carrizo and Carito Lourenço. A highly exclusive meal that will be served in two shifts to 12 lucky diners per shift.



Ricard Camarena Restaurant + Lido 84

The dinner on Wednesday the 21st will close out the event with a menu worthy of two of the most influential Richards: the Italian Riccardo Camanini and the Valencian Ricard Camarena promise an extraordinary experience based on an understanding of the other's cuisine and the improvisation of each expert. New creations, some improvised together and others based on their common philosophy of seasonal, local dishes made with vegetables and seafood.



If you want to treat your palate, don't hesitate and check out all the details on the festival website to book your place. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event!



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    Riff x Steirereck - Dinner, Sunday the 18th
    Arrels x A Casa do Porco - Lunch, Monday the 19th
    La Salita x Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester - Dinner, Monday the 19th
    Fierro x Mauro Colagreco - Lunch, Tuesday the 20th
    Ricard Camarena Restaurant x Lido 84 - Dinner, Wednesday the 21st

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