Monument of the Patriarch

Nave 1, 46002 - València

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

The Patriarca, which has been a National Monument since 1962 and a Monument of Cultural Interest in 2007, is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture. Of special note in the Patriarca Museum are paintings by Caravaggio, El Greco, Van Der teyden, Benlliure, Ribalta and Pinazo, and also the original manuscript of the posthumous work of Sir Thomas More.

The Patriarca, Real Colegio and the Seminario del Corpus Christi are a church, a seminary and a college respectively. Work on the buildings began in 1586 and finished in 1610. It is structured around a large renaissance cloister enclosing the church, the communion chapel, the library, the sleeping quarters and the classrooms. There is another courtyard at the back and a small belfry is located in the corner of the plaza. The museum displays valuable works of art by El Greco and some primitive Flemish paintings.


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