Massarrojos air-raid shelter

Plaza el Soñador 8, Masarrojos 46112 València


Like in the Valencian capital, air-raid shelters were also constructed in towns in the metropolitan area. 

This is the case of Massarrojos, although on this occasion, it is dug directly into the ground, utilizing the rock substrate rather than reinforced concrete like the other shelters in the city. 

This shelter, whose refurbishment was completed in late 2020, is a corridor excavated out of the rocky subsoil, extending some 125 metres, two metres high and another two metres wide, providing shelter for 230 people. 

A tiled bench runs along the sides of the corridor, and small rooms open off one side, providing a break from the monotony of the tunnel. It appears that one of the rooms was the infirmary and the other housed the ventilation system. 

Construction began during the final period of the Civil War, and although it was left unfinished, it was maintained until the end of World War II, in case the town was invaded by the Allies. Later, before being walled up until its refurbishment, it was used as a mushroom farm. 

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