Alta Street air-shelter

Calle Alta, 37

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

The shelter is at the junction of Alta Street and Ripalda Street, so it is also known by the latter name. 

It was built using a post-and-lintel system, a rectangular space supported by nine central columns. The ventilation chimneys have also been preserved. 

Built in 1937, there was room for a whopping 600 people inside. After that, its walls provided shelter for the homeless. Water and mud filled the entire space during a major flood in 1957. 

After this unfortunate period in Valencian history, it became the clubhouse for the street's Las Fallas festival association. In fact, this was crucial in cleaning up the shelter following the flooding. 

Although it is not currently open to visitors, the sign in Art Deco lettering can be seen when you pass by. Black on white, with two arrows pointing to the entrances to the hiding place: yet another reason a visit to Valencia's El Carmen neighbourhood is a truly interesting experience. 


Carrer de Dalt, 37, Valencia, Spain

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