Valencia, the city of running


Thanks to its warm climate, its relief, its beaches and its numerous green areas, Valencia is an ideal city for running. There are many experienced runners in the city, and the sport attracts more and more national and foreign enthusiasts. The Turia Gardens, The Juan Carlos I Royal Marina and the Cabecera Park are the best places to go running. There are renowned races in Valencia every year, such as the Half Marathon and the Trinidad Alfonso Marathon.



Jardines del Turia

Valencia Ciudad del Runing

These are the lungs of the city, and they cross it from west to east with over 8 kilometres that are perfect for running thanks to its paved areas and areas of solid ground, which are surrounded by gardens, fountains and pine forests. Here you have the 5K Turia Gardens Circuit, located between the Nou d'Octubre Bridge (Cabecera Park) and Gulliver Park. It covers 5,731 metres with a special surface to soften the impacts caused by the running.

Cabecera Park route

Valencia Ciudad del Runing

The route starts at the Nou d'Octubre Bridge and is a circular route with different paths and trails. Its surface is solid ground and, across its 2.4 kilometre distance there are areas with slopes and steps. It connects with the Turia River Park.

Route via the King Carlos I Marina

Valencia Ciudad del Runing

From the promenade of the Royal Marina to the tip of the Eastern Quayside. The route is about 5.7 kilometre there and back. The route is either asphalt or concrete, and connects with the Promenade.

El Saler Meadow

Valencia Ciudad del Runing

This is an area with paths that cross vast pine forests and ancient dunes between the Albufera lagoon and the Mediterranean.

Ronda Sur

Valencia Ciudad del Runing


From the City of Arts and Sciences, another 6,6 km route runs along the Boulevard Sur.

Parks and gardens

Valencia Ciudad del Runing

You have short tours in some of the city parks, such as the Parque del Oeste, the Jardines de Viveros or the last of the gardens that has been incorporated into the green areas of Valencia: the Central Park. 

Ronda Norte

Valencia Ciudad del Runing


Next to the Alboraia orchard, where the tigernut chufa with which the horchata is made is born, there is this other route for runners in search of more natural paths. 4.05 km that start from Avenida de Catalunya with Avenida dels Tarongers and reach the intersection of Avenida Joan XXIII. This route joins the Tarongers Circuit, 2.2 kilometers with distance indications every 100 m, two points for stretching and strength exercises, four fountains as hydration points, and 91 trees to improve the environment and increase the areas of shadow.