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Palace Fesol

Calle Hernán Cortés, 7, 46004 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Ruzafa and Ensanche

COOKING TYPE: Rice specials

Following its spectacular renovation, the proprietor has decided to preserve the roots of this mainstay of Valencian’s gastronomic landscape while giving it a boost with a selection of carefully prepared dishes. Consequently, at Palace Fesol diners can enjoy traditional rice dishes, such as paella or a broth of artichokes, rabbit and snails; or they can opt for more modern dishes, such as brown crab with creamy rice, prawn and cuttlefish carpaccio, or a seafood crépinette with sea bass and cardinal sauce. Not to mention our salad of Valencian tomatoes and tuna, dressed and seasoned in-house.

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    +34 963 529 323

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