Calle Jorge Juan (Mercado de colón-Planta Inferior), 19 46005 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Ruzafa and Ensanche


Comfortable, reliable, western Mediterranean cuisine that uses local ingredients to offer an updated take on classic recipes. At HABITUAL, Ricard Camarena applies his mastery of complex culinary techniques to traditional Mediterranean cuisine, creating a fine dining experience where local products such as homemade cold cuts, vegetable dishes, pasta and bread baked in-house are given centre stage.  In the kitchen, flavour and seasonality are the most important qualities in our products, which are sourced from all over the Mediterranean: from Provence in France to the Spanish coast from Gerona to Tarifa, by way of the Italian islands and coasts.  Additionally, Camarena has established an agreement with local farmers under which they supply 80% of the seasonal vegetables that are prepared in his kitchen. One of his key objectives is to restore Valencia’s vegetable industry and encourage the use of local produce; with this in mind, he has created a consolidated network of local suppliers that will allow him to restore local produce to its rightful place in the kitchen. Increasingly, the focus is on the origins of the ingredients and their careful production and selection.



  • Schedule info Kitchen hours: 13:30 to 15:30 and 20:30 to 23:00
  • Restaurant capacity: 120
  • Soles Repsol: 1
  • Price: 40.00 €


Mercado de Colón, Calle Jorge Juan, 19, 46004 Valencia, España

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