What you can see in the Holy Chalice Chapel

Enter through the Cathedral's Puerta de los Hierros and head to the first chapel on your right. To house such a jewel, the Holy Chalice chapel is a room without great luxury or stridency, surrounded by serene silence. Behind the altar you can contemplate, in a glass urn, this mysterious piece of incalculable value for everything it represents and the myths and legends it has generated throughout History.

Take a seat in one of the pews of the chapel and stop to contemplate the details. Just in front, embracing the Holy Chalice, you will see an impressive alabaster altarpiece made by the Italian Giuliano Poggibonsi, disciple of Lorenzo Ghiberti, author of the Gates of Paradise in the baptistery of Florence. It is the ancient choir door of the Cathedral from the 15th century, with twelve reliefs of scenes from the Old and New Testament.

If you look up, you will discover the ribbed star-shaped vault. In its keystones are the twelve Apostles and in the central one, the scene of the coronation of the Virgin in heaven after the Assumption.

On your left, those huge chains hanging from the wall, are the ones that closed the port of Marseille and that Alfonso V the Magnanimous brought with him in 1423 after his passage through the city of Provence. On the 226 links, the canvas "Expulsion of the Moors" by the artist Vicente López.  And on the other side, the fresco of the Adoration of the Kings painted by Nicolás Florentino.

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