Valencia is already enjoying the 2023 Fallas

| 16.02.2023 | 10:23

The Fallas festival puts Valencia in the international spotlight. Although the main days are from March 15 to 19, activities have already begun in the city that are well worth a visit. The Ninot Exhibit, with the best figures from the 2023 Fallas, has already opened its doors, and in a few days, on February 26, the Crida will take place. In addition, starting March 1, there is a mascletà at noon every day in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and you can rent balconies to see them from a prime viewing location. The scent of gunpowder is already in the air in Valencia, and a visit now means enjoying the party with fewer people in its streets, while retaining that Fallas feel. 

In Valencia, the countdown to the 2023 Fallas has begun. The monuments will be put up in just under a month, but you can already sense the associated celebrations and activities in the city. Such is the case of the traditional Ninot Exhibit, located in the Science Museum, which will remain open until March 15. Now is the time to go and vote for the two figures that will be the only ones that are pardoned and spared the fires of the Fallas. Open every day for visitors to choose their favorite ninot. 

On February 26 the Crida will take place, which marks the official start of the Fallas. From the top of the Serranos Towers, the senior fallera and the senior children's fallera will announce it in an emotional afternoon, as they invite everyone in the city and the whole world to experience and enjoy the Fallas. 

And from the first day of March, with spring just around the corner, the daily mascletàs begin in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, at 2 pm, until the falleros monuments burn in the early hours of the 19th. The best option to enjoy this impressively musical thunder is from the viewpoint of the Ateneo and eat overlooking the pyrotechnic show

Fallas Week, from the plantà to the cremà
The climax to these days will happen from March 15 to 19, during the big week. The plantà, the offering to the Mare de Déu dels Desamparats, the Nit del Foc and the fireworks castles… A plethora of activities. Make sure you check the official schedule so you don't miss any activities, and take in a guided tour with special access to experience the most beautiful party in the world from the inside. Don't hear about it second hand!